Review this

Review this

: David Hajdu writes a review of Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers that pretty much goes nowhere, except for this shocking comparison:

In content and theme, ”Maus” and ”In the Shadow of No Towers” share some ground. Each of the books deals with a relatively ordinary man, a Spiegelman of one time and place, confronting mass murder (on vastly different scale and a wholly distinct nature, of course) and an arrogant, power-hungry regime (again, on a far different level).

So here we have The New York Times drawing parallels between Hitler’s regime and Bush’s.

That’s shocking. I hope it’s just shockingly sloppy. But I wonder.

(I review this unbook here.)

: More fun from the NY Times book review:

In a negative review of pompous Princetonian Cornel West’s Democracy Matters, Caleb Crain writes this:

Then there are West’s eccentricities of tone. For the ”soul murder” of American youth, West blames cocaine, Ecstasy, oral sex and –Weblogs. He writes, somewhat cryptically, that ”Since 9/11 we have experienced the niggerization of America.”

Weblogs are murdering the soul of American youth. Wow. It that because we are addictive or just because we like puncturing that self-important bag of tepid wind, West?

Then again, we could use this as our new marketing slogan: Weblogs: as much fun as cocaine, Ecstasy, and oral sex!

: One more bit of NYT book review fun: Ana Marie Cox, the Wonkette, reviews the new chick-lit novel by Al Gore’s daughter, Kristen Gore. She didn’t like it.

  • Josh

    And people think that the right is driving the rest of America further left?

  • So here we have The New York Times drawing parallels between Hitler’s regime and Bush’s.
    It’s. A. Review.
    Jesus Christ, Jarvis, on one hand you’re furiously riding your hobbyhorse about “it’s a conversation” and “let the people write the news”, but when a goddamn reviewer says something you don’t like then you attribute the statement back to the paper’s management again.
    Pick a view and try to stick with it, okay?

  • It’s. A. Blog. Post.
    Jesus Christ, Mithras, on one hand you’re furiously riding your hobbyhorse about how “Dumb people … are dumb” and “it is fair to discuss [Jenna Bush’s alleged abortion] as a political issue” but when a goddamn blogger says something you don’t like you fly backwards around your cage twice.
    Pick a stick and shove it in your eye, already, okay?

  • And Cornel West has always been an idiot. The fact that he is stupid about blogs too is just SOP.

  • O’McSomething

    an arrogant, power-hungry regime
    Well, the shoe does fit.
    But calm down now, the reviewer put in a few speed-bumps — (on vastly different scale and a wholly distinct nature, of course)…(again, on a far different level)
    Maybe you are being a little too sensitive. Is the Soup Nazi really a Nazi? Methinks the Bush supporters protest too much.

  • McO, you need to catch up. Jeff isn’t a Bush supporter.

  • Andrea-
    Thanks. Now I have to wash my blog, knowing that you’ve been there. *shudder*

  • O’

    Yeah, whatever.

  • John

    Reviews are like op-ed pieces — while they are the thoughts and beliefs of the writer, the paper’s editors are the final arbiters of what does and doesn’t make it onto the press rollers. You equate someone to Hitler and it’s the editor’s decision as to whether or not the comment goes beyond the pale and doesn’t go in the paper. In this case, the Times’ Book Review editors saw no problem with the statement, which Jeff sees as a problem with the Times’ Book Review editors themselves.
    As for the second part of Jeff’s post, Lawrence Summers is looking smarter and smarter every day.

  • Hey, Mithras, what do you use? Because I’ve scrubbed my brain twice, and I still can’t get the stains out of it from your site.

  • Andrea-
    Trying pouring drano down your throat, then slap a piece a duct tape over your mouth. Shake well.
    I guarantee you won’t have to think about my site any more.

  • Franky

    Finally someone’s found a manner of having a constructive conversation with Andrea.

  • I can feel the love! {{{Mithras and Franky}}} Smooches!

  • O’

    Hey, yo homeys! Don’t be b*tchslappin’ my troll-groupie, ‘drea. Ain’t no gal can sling it like ‘drea.

  • Whatever.

  • Man, these old schoolers can be so huffy about blogs sometimes. What could be so threatening about everyone having the ability to exchange notes with each other? First it was denial. Now it looks more like anger, mixed with a little bargaining. Next up… depression?

  • anne.elk

    If you tell a lie, tell a big one.
    Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.
    Jeff, were these quotes made on an IBM Typewriter, or by Microsoft Word?

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    “Chicklet novel”?
    I’m going to have to chew on this a while….

  • Not to get off-topic from the idiotic flaming, but the NYTimes wasn’t drawing those parallels, Jeff, Spiegelman was. The reviewer was (somewhat) accurately describing the tone and contents of the book.
    Your assertion here is as inane as blaming the site organizers for one wrongheaded ad that was uploaded to their site… you’re blaming the Times for writing about the book by saying they wrote the book’s ideas.

  • praktike

    FWIW, Caleb Crain — who as a book reviewer is not “The New York Times” — has his own blog. Just google his name and it’s the first link, IIRC.