Come on in, the water’s lukewarm

Come on in, the water’s lukewarm

: Tim Oren moves his blog in part so he can be a bit more political. He categorizes himself as a member of the militant middle (where I’m proudly listed on his blogroll).

: MONDAY UPDATE: Fellow blogger-hyphen-VC Fred Wilson notes Tim’s blog switch and says:

It’s a real concern and something that I have often thought about as I have been playing out this exercise in transparency that is my blog.

My partner doesn’t share my political views. He’s in the middle along with Jeff, Tim, and most other rational people. The views expressed on this blog are not the views of my firm. They are my views.

Further, when I blog that I root for the Jets, it doesn’t mean that my firm is rooting for the Jets and rooting against the Patriots. It means that I do that.