Heeeeeere’s George!

Heeeeeere’s George!

: Jim Wolcott says Dick Cheney reminds him of Ed McMahon: the broken-down sidekick.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon represented something beautiful in show business that Bush and Cheney have grimily profaned. No wonder Carson spends his retirement years sailing and learning Swahili; it must sicken a man of Carson’s fine-graded taste having these cheap imitators in charge.
    Where the f___ does this ass get off speaking for Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon…for that matter, what the hell do they have to do with the political campaign? Is Johnny running for president? Is Bush getting a TV show?
    Sorry, this does not fit, but thanks for playing.

  • Hey, at least he didn’t wish that Bush and Cheney would die in Hurricane Frances.

  • chuck

    Doesn’t Wolcott know that a bit of exposed lace and a hint of dark secrets is far sexier than lolling about on the couch in all his tubby glory? Some people should never expose themselves to the public.

  • Jeff,
    Jim Wolcott rooted for ‘Frances’:
    “I root for hurricanes. When, courtesy of the Weather Channel, I see one forming in the ocean off the coast of Africa, I find myself longing for it to become big and strong–Mother Nature’s fist of fury, Gaia’s stern rebuke. Considering the havoc mankind has wreaked upon nature with deforesting, stripmining, and the destruction of animal habitat, it only seems fair that nature get some of its own back and teach us that there are forces greater than our own.
    Frances is the second hurricane to afflict Florida, home of brother Jeb, in rapid succession.
    The gods are not pleased.”
    Yeah, I’m gonna listen to his wisdom.

  • John

    Jeff, you seem like you’re looking for outsider affirmation for your impending vote on Kerry, and while Wolcott may be able to provide a few zingers and is an aquaintence of yours, after his frivolity about hurricanes last week, I’d at least like to see his thoughts on Sept. 11, the war on terror and how he sees it affecting the upcoming election (and this Saturday is as good a time as any for James to blog about them) before I’d consider him any sort of fountain of political wisdom.

  • pdq332

    It was nice to be reminded of Johnny Carson though, no matter how surreal the context.

  • Don

    Why are you driving traffic to this idiot’s site? One good thing about Wolcott’s horrific blog, however, is that I can now completely stop paying any attention whatsoever to Vanity Fair, now that this nimrod behind it has been exposed.

  • The only upside I can see of this is, Roger Ebert will look like less of a gibbering idiot by comparison when he, inevitably, gets his own blog.

  • Tom

    Well, is he drunken sidekick or evil masterminds pulling the strings on a moronic puppet? Maybe Cheney has the ability to play Jeckell and Hyde.
    Please, Dick Cheney is a very intelligent man, who understands politics but is not the greatest at stagecraft.
    If you want warm fuzzy’s with you Vice President vote for Edwards Kerry. Otherwise………….
    (Sorry for the rant, but this just really annoyed me!)

  • Ronbo

    Jeff –
    I don’t understand the whole Wolcott thing with you. You and he seem to be complete opposites:
    You = thoughtful, Him = facile
    You = humble, Him = arrogant
    You = questioning, Him = smug
    You = believe in people, Him = condescend to sheeple
    You know what else? I don’t care if he is a clever writer. It’s not as if there is any cleverness shortage, and Wolcott isn’t so great that I can treat him like Wagner and make myself overlook his toxicity.
    So, nu?

  • E McMahon

    Wolcott is nothing but a fat sack of shite.

  • Mike G

    Isn’t it sad that a big name talent like Wolcott is turning out to be far less interesting, more bubbleheaded (VP=sidekick=Ed McMahon– even Dowd would have rejected that one) and less essential as a blogger than a minor league Dave Barry from Minneapolis, a law professor from Tennessee, an obscure Australian freelancer, a collective of extreme libertarians from the UK, and about 1000 IT guys, unemployed goofs and other nobodies from all over America, Canada, and Iraq?

  • Lileks

    Hey, I’m in the minors now? Who-hoo! Movin’ on up!

  • Mike G

    You know, I remembered after I said that that Lileks has been known to turn up in the comments here… I’m not just covering my anonymous Internet butt when I say that description was intended not to put him down but to describe how the media universe (shining from its glorious epicenter in NYC, where someone like James Wolcott is a major archangel) would pigeonhole him as someone of very modest importance when, in fact, he’s made himself essential to lotsa folks like me who start their mornings with him… there, did I dig my way out of that hole yet?

  • Tom

    Mike G
    Scramble to the Left, Scramble to the right.
    James is gonna get you for your comments tonight.
    (apologies to the Hippy Hippy Shake)
    I think you did as well as I typically do with the wife in these instances. So my advice is DUCK.