Election terrorism

Election terrorism

: Well, the terrorists disrupted an election, but it wasn’t ours (so far, God forbid); it was Australia’s:

THE scourge of international terrorism has dramatically infiltrated the federal election, with Mark Latham last night announcing plans to suspend Labor’s campaign and John Howard diverting to Canberra today in the wake of the Jakarta bombing.

The Opposition Leader, who was in far north Queensland to announce an environmental inititiative, spoke with the Prime Minister yesterday, and both agreed to proceed with Sunday’s nationally televised debate in Sydney.

But Labor will cancel all campaign advertising and delay any further election policy announcements as the political leaders grapple with the shocking events in Indonesia.

A clearly shaken Mr Latham refused to answer questions as to whether the bombing was designed to influence the Australian election.

  • So the terrorists want to keep Howard in…?

  • Andy

    Bravo. It’s nice to see how the adults deal with a terrorist challenge when they have troops in danger.
    Some things are more important than career advancement.

  • Andy

    My friend in Sydney replied:
    “If we hadn’t gone, they wouldn’t have attacked”
    His political sentiments and mine diverged long ago. He is very European in outlook. His philosophical kin reside here as well. Unfortunately, being the good bystander only means the wolves come for you last.
    This will be a very long war. Militarily we can only fight to hold back evil while political solutions and economic improvements undercut its reason for being.
    The world will be a much different place after this war. Relations between nations and people will be changed, globally. I hope for the betterment of all mankind. We have that potential.

  • Jess

    Why do the Australians care what happens in Jakarta? If they didn’t go sticking their noses in other people’s business, maybe they wouldn’t get attacked abroad.
    Seems the descendants of con-men and criminals think their white skin gives them the right to lord it over the natives.

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