: God and NOW should be suiting the FCC for saying that a nipple is indecent.

For God’s sake, God might say, God made the nipple. What’s so damned indecent about it.

And NOW should say that it’s indecent to call a woman’s nipple indecent and not a man’s (unless it appears yearning to be free under an Olympic costume, like a male swimmer’s butt crack, which looks indecent to me but apparently isn’t).

Indecent, indeed. It’s the FCC and its nanny attitude and waste of our resources and assault on the First Amendment that’s indecent.

There’s nothing indecent about a nipple, even Janet Jackson’s.

  • Fcb

    Not indecent, certainly, but male and female nipples do induce very different reactions when revealed to the opposite sex?
    Don’t they? Surely…
    Or has Woman been a sly and silent recipient of ubiquitous softcore porno all these years?

  • not to mention the free shows women get when they see us topless at the beach and in the bleachers

  • Actually, it wouldn’t bother me if guys started wearing one-piece chest-covering bathing suits again. Trust me, the sight of your exposed hairy manboobs isn’t the thrill you think it is.

  • Yeah, I don’t want to be looking at bare-chested men, either.
    And nobody’s blubber rolling over their low-slung pants.
    But the “naturalness” or “God made it” argument doesn’t exactly cut it for decency standards for a network. After all, taking a crap is natural, but we don’t want to be watching it on TV.
    Still, I think it’s ridiculous that the govt is regulating media content in this age of cable and satellite TV. What’s the result of this regulation? Some of the most degrading programs are on network TV (e.g., reality shows), and the most edifying on cable (e.g., History Channel and A&E). Way to go, free market.

  • Andy Freeman

    Once again, Jarvis tries to invoke the first amendment to protect the media’s right to show boobies.
    When he cares about political speech by not-media, I’ll believe that he cares about the first amendment. Until then, he’s just arguing his pocketbook.

  • HA

    Mmmmmm, nipples!
    Hey, I love women’s breasts as much as anybody on God’s green earth can! I love to see them, touch them and kiss them! I am not a prude. But, Jeff, can’t you show just a little respect for more conservative families that would like to be able to watch the Super Bowl without getting flashed? Isn’t it reasonable to limit nipple-flashing to a time when kids are likely in bed, say after 10:00pm?

  • mark-o

    God made LOTS of stuff that I don’t want flashing on my TV at halftime. “Assault” on the First Amendment, my a**.
    Only when we finally have full frontal copulating gay porno at halftime will Jeff think that we are finally “free”, apparently.

  • Nonsense, HA — everytime something is done in deference to the sensibilities of conservatives God kills a kitten! :O