Terrorism is the world’s war

Terrorism is the world’s war

: It’s impossible to express outrage equal to the terrorist atrocity in Russia. Children, they used and killed children.

Last week, it was said that the two plane explosions were Russia’s 9/11. Now there is this, another 9/11.

Meanwhile, in France, they awaited the fate of journalists held by more Islamic fascists. (Update: They are reportedly now in the hands of a moderate group.)

Those are this week’s terror stories. There are stories every week from countries around the world.

Yesterday, I ended up in a conversation on the PATH train — which is a rarity — with a man who lives in New York, who said we have “forgiven” and “forgotten” 9/11 too quickly.

Look at what happened in Russia and pray it does not happen here.

When I started this blog days after 9/11, I called it World War III. We are all at war and the tragedy in Russia should remind us all of that — in America, in Russia, in France, in Germany, in Pakistan, in Indonesia, in Spain. Terror is the world’s war.