What I want to know is…

What I want to know is…

: … have Glenn Reynolds’ family members taken to calling themselves Instas?

  • midwich

    What I want to know is: has Jeff Jarvis taken to being more out of touch than the New York Times?
    ..and just like the NYT, Jeff has taken to making snide remarks about the leading bloggers.

  • I thought it was funny… whatever.

  • Sam

    They probably call themselves “Victims” actually.

  • tnanglican

    I doubt that Sam. We are very proud of the work Instapundit does (speaking as a Knoxvillian), and I’m sure the only ones considering themselves “victims” are those on the receiving end of his “ouch” or “heh” blogs. By the way, we consider ourselves “volunteers” here…you seem a bit reluctant to me, but we would be happy to train you!

  • Oh, ferchrissakes, lighten up.
    Midwich: It’s a loving joke. I like Glenn and I’m amused that he calls his family Insta. He and I have been disagreeing over the Swifties and so I welcomed the chance for a light and fun observation. Until you threw lead on it.
    Sam: Take a chill pill. Hell, get a 90-day prescription.
    tnwahtever: I, too, am proud of what Glenn does and so let me enjoy his post and link to it.
    Jeesh, guys. I recommend Merlot.

  • jeremy in NYC

    You’ve had very angry readers lately, Jeff.

  • I started with “instawife” when I thought it was possible to keep her name private. By the time a little googling convinced me it was futile the usage had stuck. I do avoid naming my daughter, though, whose other fame has not yet reached the point of making *that* effort futile. The rest is just continuing the gag.

  • Chris Josephson

    I thought it was funny also. It’s something I’ve wondered as I’ve read Glenn’s site. Thought it was cute when he’d mention the Insta-Wife.
    If it bothers people that Jeff has opinions that differ from their own, please act like grown ups and be civil or STFU. People who keep making the nasty comments sound like they’ve hung around DU or Indymedia too long.
    Also, nasty comments have never changed anyone’s mind as far as I know.

  • I thought you banned Shark, Jeff. He’s still around. Previous thread.
    When someone links to Instapundit, another angel dies.

  • Safran

    Midwich… sheesh, what a Instashmuck.

  • Charles Greene

    You effet snob, everyone knows that political discourse goes with a bottle of cheap port.