Pop protest

Pop protest

: Jason Calacanis takes pix of protest posters around town.

  • Kat
  • stable dictum

    Folks, I believe we have evidence that Jason has *finally* attracted the interest of a Venture Capitalist for one of his projects!
    I mean, there’s no other explanation:
    Jason is not in every one of the pictures, alongside the poster.
    Unfathomable, for Jason.

  • Kim

    Something struck me yesterday in walking around or rather trying to walk around — hardly any pro Kerry posters. I think I saw 4 in total and just as many for Nader. Anyone else notice that?

  • I did. It appears that hardly anyone is voting “for” Kerry, they are instead voting for “NotBush.” Maybe that is why Kerry’s campaign is so whacked — he gets that it doesn’t matter what he says, he’ll get votes because he’s not Bush.
    It’s kind of pathetic, we seem to have a large part of our citezenry who aren’t willing to stand up for anything because they are too busy being against everything.