’60s: The Reality Show

’60s: The Reality Show

: Tim Oren and I enjoyed Larry Smith’s piece about living in the pre-technology-revolution days of the year of our birth, 1954.

This would make a great reality show — even better, actually, than the shows about living on the old prarie on PBS.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to bring it close to home? Make the kids of a guy my age live in my youth (when, I tell them, we had black & white TV and only three channels and no computers and no Internet and no iPods and no microwave popcorn and no video games!). For that matter, make a guy my age live in that time and suffer, too.

The sequel: Make me live in my father’s time (so I can verify that he really didn’t walk to school 10 miles in the snow).

: UPDATE: Or you could be Doc and sneak along a laptop, bluetooth cellphone, and network link to the tent.