Lemmings to the fryer


Lemmings to the fryer

: Went to the new Jersey City Fatburger for lunch today. Ridiculous line. Didn’t move. I left. It’s just a burger, folks.

: UPDATE: Could New York be the death of Fatburger?

Ken Layne reports in the comments:

Fatburger is slooooooow. It’s not fast food. (And it’s not my favorite California burger, but it is very tasty and very substantial. More like a burger you’d get in a decent steakhouse.)

Even with nobody in line — say, at 2:30 a.m. — it takes forever. I will admit to falling “asleep” in my car at the drive-thru window. More than once.

Wait a week or two for the novelty to pass, then make your order, go out for a newspaper or whatever, and then you will have a happy lunch.

New Yorkers aren’t patient like Californians; I learned that first-hand when I lived out there. I’d go psycho waiting for a table while all around me were drugged. New Yorkers have places to go, people to see, things to do. New Yorkers have lives.