Weirder and weirder

Weirder and weirder

: The McGreevey story is, of course, getting weirder and weirder; these stories always do. Earlier this week, there were rumors of a New Jersey professor who would come out as alleged gubernatorial misterstress Golan Cipel’s gay lover, wrecking his claim that he’s straight. Then, today, the Daily News printed a story about this professor. But it is riddled with so many clues that the guy’s missing a few coffee beans in the grinder that it’s more scandalous that the News printed the story at all. For example:

In a manic, disjointed interview, Miller said that Cipel had made a pillow-talk confession: He still carries a torch for McGreevey….

Miller also claimed to reporters that he is a CIA operative who takes pills doled out by the intelligence agency to make his skin darker so he can infiltrate unnamed groups….

Miller – who insisted on speaking Spanish because, he said, he hates the United States…

“Despite his problems, I’m going to go visit him,” said Miller, shirtless and wearing purple shorts….

The doctor said he was a happily married man with two children, when, at age 38, he acknowledged he was gay.

“One hundred thousand dollars worth of therapy later and I still don’t understand,” Miller said.

And from the Post:

Last night, with his house surrounded by reporters, Miller spoke to the throng in only blue shorts and white socks, his hair disheveled.

At times cursing and erratic, he alternatively told scribes he would talk to them in Hungarian, Spanish or Hebrew.

“He’s a little scattered,” a relative member said.

But I guess he’s news.