Our new head of homeland security: Oprah

Our new head of homeland security: Oprah

: This is getting absurd. First, John Kerry makes this numbnutty statement on terrorism that was the perfect Daily Show punchline: “I believe I can fight a more effective, more thoughtful, more strategic, more proactive, more sensitive war on terror that reaches out to other nations and brings them to our side and lives up to American values in history.” Proactive is bad enough. Sensitive is just plain laughable.

So then Dick Cheney laughed. Hell, so did Jon Stewart. So did I. Sensitive? Come on! Said the Veep:

Senator Kerry has also said that if he were in charge he would fight a “more sensitive” war on terror. (Laughter.) America has been in too many wars for any of our wishes, but not a one of them was ever won by being “sensitive.” (Applause.) President Abraham Lincoln and General Grant did not wage sensitive wars. President Roosevelt and Generals Eisenhower and MacArthur did not wage a sensitive war. A “sensitive war” will not destroy the evil men who killed 3,000 Americans on the morning of 9/11, and who now seek chemical, nuclear and biological weapons to kill hundreds of thousands more. The men who beheaded Daniel Pearl and Paul Johnson will not be impressed by our sensitivity. (Applause.) As our opponents see it, the problem isn’t the thugs and the murderers we face, but it is somehow our attitude. Well, the American people know better. They know that we are in a fight to preserve our freedom and our way of life, and that we are on the side of right and justice in this battle. Those who threaten us and kill innocents around the world do not need to be treated more sensitively. They need to be destroyed. (Applause.)

It should have ended there: You say something stupid. It passes. But now John Edwards is defending Kerry’s Birkenstock moment: “He took that word and distorted and tried to use it to argue John Kerry will not keep the American people safe,” Edwards said. “He’s talking about a man who still carries shrapnel in his body. He’s talking about a man who spilled his blood for the United States of America.”

So now he’s playing the shrapnel card? That not only draws attention again to the dumb Kerry quote, it keeps playing Vietnam.

I’d rather see both sides outdoing each other with how they’re going to go get Bin Laden and islamofascists: I’d hunt ’em down…. Well, I’d bomb ’em… Well, I’d nuke ’em… That’s what I want to hear.