McGreevey’s unsecret

McGreevey’s unsecret

: Well, I didn’t know.

But apparently, everyone else in New Jersey media knew McGreevey’s secret. And if that’s so, it raises lots of questions. I’m not saying they should have outed him; I long for the day when a politician’s personal life is just that. But if he indeed hired his lover for a state job for which that reputed lover was in no way qualified… well, that’s a crime. Why didn’t we know? We want to know.

Robert Sterling says at MemeFirst:

Every single politically astute person in New Jersey has known about McGreevey’s homosexuality for a long time – at least since 2001. In fact, McGreevey’s elaborate efforts to stay in the closet were a source of periodic amusement to New Jerseyites, as when he shattered his femur in 2002 while in the company of his boyfriend, and then concocted an elaborate cover story that claimed the injury occurred while walking down the beach with his wife….

So why has McGreevey come out of the closet now? And so publicly? Simply put, he’s in deep doo-doo, and needs a way out. His administration has been wracked with scandal to a degree that well exceeds even the norms of New Jersey. There are at least two distinct rumors of lawsuits or complaints about to be filed, which seem sufficiently distinct to me that they may possibly concern two different men. One of the rumors definitely concerns an Israeli national named Golan Cipel, whom McGreevey appointed to a high paying state anti-terrorism post, before complaints of Cipel’s lack of qualifications caused the governor to withdraw the appointment. Were Cipel to admit a sexual relationship, McGreevey’s conduct on this matter may be indictable. By resigning – and simultaneously declaring himself a member of a persecuted minority – McGreevey may be able to dodge this and any number of other criminal investigations….

So this is a standard CYA move by McGreevey.