Blog slap

Blog slap

: Also in Leon Wieseltier’s review of Nicholson Baker’s Checkpoint (see above) is this uppercut to bloggers’ egos. Referring to the book’s would-be presidential assassin, he writes:

We infer from what is said that Jay is a deeply unhappy man. His wife has left him, his girlfriend has left him, he has lost his job as a high-school teacher, he works as a day laborer and has declared personal bankruptcy, he spends his days reading blogs. (About the deranging influence of blogs Baker makes a sterling point.)

  • About the deranging influence of blogs Baker makes a sterling point.
    Stupid analogy time. Blogs are kind of like the cave in The Empire Strikes Back. The only thing in them is what the reader takes with him. This meaning that if the reader is an extremist who takes blogs too seriously, they can be whipped into a orgiastic frenzy by someone preaching to them or into a frothing rage by someone spouting views not to their liking.
    I would say that blogs do not have a deranging influence but it’s possible they could in some way act as a trigger for someone who is already deranged.

  • Angus Jung

    No kidding.