Canadian sex

Canadian sex

: Oxymoron? Apparently not.

I was driving up north yesterday, flipping through the dial, when I came upon a talk show on the University of Toronto station with a guy with the creepy voice of an exhibitionist — well, not that I’ve ever seen one or heard one, thank goodness, but I imagine this is what one sounds like — talking to a young woman on the phone about her sex life.

She uses the F word and there’s no bleep.

She then goes on to talk about being invited to a sex party. The host says he thinks that’s just wonderful. He thanks her for sharing. He asks his fellow hosts what they all think about this and they all think it’s wonderful.

And then, without an ounce of irony, he says that when the next station pledge time comes, he wants to offer a ticket to a sex party as a prize.

And this country had a problem with Howard Stern?