It’s real

It’s real

: The threat is very real, as is the fear, as is the impact on lives.

My wife and I sat down last night and reconfirmed our disaster plans. If something happens, she’s going to get the kids in the car and head north. We even had the map out to go over the route to Toronto. The last time this happen, they said to leave the kids in school and she did. Not this time. Pack ’em up, head ’em out. I’ll catch up when and if I can. Don’t wait — not for me, not for the details that reveal whether it was chemical or biological or “just” a bomb; we didn’t know what the hell was going on the last time and we won’t the next time. So hit the road.

Do I think this terrible lightening will hit us again? Well, of course, I pray it doesn’t. I hope that we’re making progress with intelligence and arrests. And, no, I do not think this latest announcement was a campaign move — an August Surprise. I’m not that cynical.

But I never would have imagined that what happened here almost three years ago ever could have happened. Call it a failure of imagination or call it civility, but that was then. This is now. I’ve witnessed their bestiality. We know what they can do, our enemy.

And so we plan because we don’t want to regret not planning.

Michael Moore would make fun of that. He’s a terrorism denier. He’d say, as he and a looney congressman, Rep. Jim McDermott, did in his movie, that we’re just falling into a vortex of political spin. I hope I never get the chance to rub their noses in the words if another attack occurs. But if and when it does…

It’s real. The threat is real. The fear is real. The impact is real.