Feeling very orange today

Feeling very orange today

: Another terror warning — but this one is more specific than usual, thus scarier. ABC News and The NY Times report that authorities have intelligence of attacks against specific (unnamed) companies in New York. Says ABC:

Sources at several law enforcement agencies tell ABC News that an “overseas source” has provided the information about the threat to New York and that it is more significant than the usual “chatter” intercepted from likely terrorists that has prompted warnings in the past….

“Intelligence reporting indicates that al Qaeda continues to target for attack commercial and financial institutions, as well as international organizations, inside the United States,” the New York City Police Department said in a statement released today on the “ongoing al Qaeda threat.”…

Intelligence sources say al Qaeda plans to move non-Arab terrorists across the border with Mexico.

Authorities already have in custody a woman of Pakistani-origin arrested after crossing into Texas. She carried a South African passport with several of the pages torn out, $7,000 in cash and an airplane ticket to New York….

Particularly disturbing to authorities were the intelligence reports that the attack may involve one or more suicide truck bombings, a tactic never seen in the United States, but one widely used by terrorists elsewhere.

Well, the difference between a suicide truck bombing and the first bombing at the WTC and the bombing in Oklahoma City is that the asswipes didn’t die. The Times adds:

Another law enforcement official in New York said many companies and institutions had already been contacted, and that they were warned to pay particular attention to their parking garages and heating, ventilation air conditioning systems.

“We’ve notified security directors to secure HVAC systems, and parking garages in particular, because of concerns about a vehicle bomb,” he said.