F’ing DNC

F’ing DNC

: The man in charge of the balloons last night dropped more than helium on the DNC; he dropped the F bomb on CNN. If this had gone out on broadcast, many of the legislators sitting in that hall would have the stations and networks that aired that one silly little word hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

  • Poor Maureen Curreri is probably floating in Boston Harbor right now, a victim of the balloon debacle. She was responsible for letting them fly. What kills me is how much time the windbags at CNN spent after Kerry’s speech discussing the balloons and whether they foreshadowed problems with Kerry’s campaign. They even mentioned the 1980 Democratic Convention when the balloons failed to fall on President Jimmy Carter.
    What hot air!

  • Lauren

    I didn’t know that Alex Rodriguez was doing double duty as the Yankees third baseman and DNC convention balloon dropper guy. now I wonder….can networks get fined if you can read a guy’s lips as he says the F-word repeatedly? of course, in Alex’s case, Jason Varitek totally asked for it….

  • david

    how exactly is it the “F’ing DNC’s” fault that CNN decided to tap into a private conversation. F’ing Greenfield, F’ing CNN, and F’ing Jarvis.

  • daudder

    was cheney there?

  • Dan Harris

    That was hilarious. The only unscripted moment in the whole week. Looks like a win-win for the FCC. Do they fine the DNC, CNN or both!

  • O’McSomething

    You people just don’ git ‘et. The cheneying balloons are an issue. That Sandy Berger has been cleared of all wrongdoing is not an issue.
    source: Professor Black

  • Actually, I think it’s mostly Republican senators who are interested in bringing the FCC down on the F-word.