Bravo for Apple

Bravo for Apple

: I kvetched earlier about my Apple problems and so I need to be fair and say that an assistant manager named Ron at the Short Hills Apple store rescued me and swapped my hosed iPod for another one. I had to grovel only a little. He went around procedure but he gave the customer a win and, as I told him at the end, “you’ve made a friend.”

  • William

    I’m sure they all read buzzmachine and got a directive from Jobs to do right by you AT ANY COST!

  • Andy

    “The purpose of a business is to serve the customer. The purpose of an investment is to make a profit” ~Peter Drucker
    Companies who do not adopt customer satisfaction as their oath, motto, mantra and reality will lose out to those who do. The internet opens a world of alternatives from near and far. Your local may be only an overnight shipment by FedEx/UPS/DHL. How far away is irrelevant, only that it meets your satsfaction.
    When there is a problem, the customer wants satisfaction. He who delivers it, wins.
    Thanks for proving my point.

  • Nice, but what would they do if you weren’t a more public figure than most normal people?

  • I’m a less visible guy than most normal people and the folks at that verysame Short Hills Apple store have bent over backwards to assist me as well.

  • Cool, I’m glad they did you right. Now it’s time for Apple to reconsider their policies and contemplate why an assitant manager should have to go out on a limb and bypass standard procedure in order to satisfy a customer. Shouldn’t customer satisfaction be the goal of the procedure?
    I tend to have an irrational level of loyalty toward companies that have a no-fuss return policy. It’d be hard to convince me that they lose more than they gain.

  • The drive in my Powerbook died last week – just under a month out of warrantee. It took one phone call to an extremely helpful Apple service guy to have it picked up the following day. It’s currently being repaired for free. Yay Apple.