Meet the bloggers

Meet the bloggers

: The Wall Street Journal profiles the convention bloggers (or actually has them profile themselves). It’s today’s free link.

: David Weinberger for “I am highly partisan and usually wrong…. I’m expecting to be bored by the large and delighted by the small, although a good political speech can make me cry.

: Matt Welch for Hit & Run: “One problem is that there’s too much stuff, so it’s hard to figure out what’s important or great until it’s too late. Blogs will help that sifting process.”

: 16-year-old Stephen Yellin for DailyKos: “I have a different perspective on life and politics than most press members. Most are hardened cynics and realists — I still have idealism in boatloads.”

: Matthew Gross, ex Dean blogger, answers the question, Why should people read your coverage? “‘Cause I fought the establishment and the establishment won.”

: Jay Rosen: “Don’t expect blazing rants.”

: And don’t forget the disinvited bloggers, too.

: UPDATE: And here’s The Times’ profile of the convention bloggers.

One outcome of the conventions could be that everybody gets tired of the word “blog.”