Eisner’s review

Eisner’s review

: Disney dictator Michael Eisner tells a conference that he likes Fahrenheit 9/11.

  • Cog

    I thought he authored an evil ploy to silence F 9-11 in order to recieve Florida tax breaks?

  • I love the comment that Eisner liked F9/11 “in a non-political way”. Umm…okay.

  • Yeah, I like looking at Kirstin Dunst in a totally ‘nonsexual’ way too….

  • Frank Martin

    Hey, I liked “triumph of the wills”, but in a non political way of course. Oh and I liked “birth of a nation”, but in a non political way of course. oh, and “song of the south” is one of my favorites, but in a non-political way of course.

  • Oh well, there’s no big surprise there. Non-political huh? That’s like saying Bill liked Monica in a non-fellatial way…..

  • I realize your being sarcastic, but ‘Triumph of the Wills’ is looked at in German and other film classes for non political reasons. [/German Film Geek Off]

  • That would be “Triumph of the Will” — singular. [/GRAMMAR PEDANT OFF]