Conference overload

Conference overload

: Just came back from a conference in Detroit. Next I’m off to the Aspen Institute in Aspen. Off to the journalism education confab in Toronto in August. That’s why I turned down going to Always On this week, Blog On next week, Supernova a few weeks ago, and Lockerghnome in the fall. Too many conferences about blogging. Too little time to blog.

  • mm

    When did this blog turn from engaging in policial/media commentary to just another boring & stereotypical “here’s where I am today and what I’m thinking about” blog?
    Just on the main page alone, there are 8 posts about nothing: Leonard Nemoy, a dress from Spider-Man, K-Mart’s latest ad, a birthday, smelly & fat people on an airplane, a layover in Detroit, travel plans, and one’s vacation/golf game.

  • Well, I’m sooooooo sorry to disappoint but:
    1. Welcome to the world of personal blogs.
    2. I never said what this blog is about. It’s what I want it to be about.
    3. I’m explaining why this week the blog is NOT about what you want it to be about because I’m traveling and haven’t been able to get the time at the Internet to do what I normally do. You’ll notice, if you turn your pissiness meter down somewhere below 11, that I, too, am lamenting that it’s not about what it’s normally about and I’m explaining why.
    Where should I send the refund?

  • Jeff:
    Fear not: Our Exploring the Fusion Power
    of Public and Participatory Journalism conference, August 3, 2004, in Toronto,will be fully set up for blogging. So when you present you can blog too. See how technology makes life so easy. It