: I’m back. My week-long nightmare of dial-up AOL is over. It feels so good when it stops hurting.

We went to our favorite vacation spot, Skytop in the Poconos, an island of civility in a sea of trailers. It was our tenth year there, so you can tell we like it and the kids love it. We dress up for dinner every night and ask for our favorite waiter, Fernando. We go on nature walks with John Serrao, who fearlessly picks up every log and rock to find us amazing critters. We swim. And I make believe I play golf. Gawd, I am bad at it. My father, trying not to watch here, said he broke a hundred. I said I broke the next hundred. I lost balls. I accidentally hit another player’s ball on the next fairway. I hit the damned ball so often I lost count. But we the family bonded. And we had fun.