AOL sucks, redux

AOL sucks, redux

: All week, my email would not work through AOL as my ISP, as I lamented below. Tried every suggestion. Nothing worked. Then, today, it just started working today.

So what ISP should I use when I’m on the road instead?

  • Earthlink works well at my $job for all of our people that travel.

  • freddie poo

    An ser. Choose one:
    1. they all suck. 2. anything but AOL 3. learn like Dorothy to stay home cause there is no place like ilt. 4. Relax: after age 40, all is renounciation in life.

  • Ditto on earthlink. I keep a minimalistic dialup account with them for just that very purpose. $9.95 gets you 5 hrs a month. (you pay more for unlimited) haven’t used it in ages. But will soon… an upcoming trip to the east coast. (say, any local blogger events next friday the 16th or the following friday or saturday day the 24th?)
    Oh, one other thing about earthlink. They snail mail you a CD with some “Install Earthlink” thing that required a restart (MacOS). I discovered that it reset a bunch of prefs and inserted a bunch of bookmarks –such as…
    Earthink Help!
    Your Earthlink!
    Earthlink for Dummies!
    Do you hate Earthlink Yet?
    …in your browser. Those Earthlink installers don’t understand that earthlink is a 2nd tier/last resort solution to the at-home DSL thang. That was on a Mac OS8.6 IE5, YMMV.

  • John

    I first thing I would check is whether the company that hosts your broadband offers a 1-800 dialup with their hosting plan, many business oriented plans do.

  • Keith

    Anything but AOL!
    Any ISP that connects you directly to the Net.
    With AOL you have to get BOGGGED down going through their internal systems. SUCKS!
    For EMAIL try Net ZERO. Costs you nothing and you should not have to put up with the adds if you are just checking email.

  • Jeff:
    This is a slightly different option, but I have grown extremely fond of my T-Mobile wireless internet card. It’s cellular, not WiFi, so it works anywhere there is cell coverage on their network (and maybe others, though I haven’t tried much roaming).
    The bandwidth sucks; only about 56kb, but plenty for IM and email. The kicker is that T-Mobile, unlike other providers, offers unlimited bandwidth for $30/month. Still not cheap, but I find it irresistable and highly useful for my business to just have my laptop connected all the time, anywhere I go. I’ve even caught myself checking email while driving down the highway, but decided that’s probably not such a great idea…

  • WM

    NetAero. $10 per month for unlimited access OR 10 hours per month free (but the ads with the free account are a pain). I’ve used it for several years on the road with no problems.

  • I would go with Earthlink. My friend uses it when on assignments out of town or state. She seems happy with it.

  • Bradley J. Fikes

    Like NZ Bear, I use wireless; in this case Verizon Wireless, with the PC card. It is pricey – $80 a month for unlimited usage. In most areas, it is now just at dialup speeds. But its “EV-DO” coverage, nearly at broadband speeds, is now in San Diego and Washington, D.C., and is being expanded nationwide. Of course, I live in San Diego County, which does bias me to an extent. In any case, get an unlimited plan from a wireless provider, and forget AOHell and the hotels with their outrageous Internet fees. Good luck!

  • MrBastard

    AT&T global dialer. They make you look really hard for the download page.
    $5.95/mo for 5 hours, phone numbers all over the world. Installs a small client with cool looking xmit/rcv bars.
    intended for corporate users but they will accept your money

  • Blue Eyed Devil is the best by far. Try it. The email service is out of this world. The connections beat the big boys by a mile.

  • Blue Eyed Devil

    No ads with Access-4-free! Just good old IE. Set it and forget it. They let you pay if you insist.

  • Get a Juno account. For a few dollars a month, you get free dialup numbers across the country.

  • Earthlink. Not only is it reliable, but you can download a database of access numbers into your Palm OS PDA (if you have one) and look up the dial-up number on the road easily.

  • Howard Owens

    I have SprintPCS with unlimited data, like Bradley, $80 per month. My Treo acts as a wireless modem, so to speak, hooked to my laptop. Then the laptop is also wi-fi enabled. I use a Web-based interface for accounts I access on the road, which saves download times. Gmail is especially good for this because it’s so fast.

  • I’ve used Earthlink for years and am very happy with it. Local numbers most everywhere and an 800# when there is no local. The 800# costs 10 cents/minute but that is fine for checking e-mail.
    I also have Sprint PCS cell service and rather than the card, I have a connector that links my cell phone to my laptop and makes it act like a modem. Very slow, 19K, but fast enough that if I need to check my e-mail during the day, I can sit down in a McDonalds and dial up my home ISP from anywhere.
    If I need to check a website or shcnge plane reservations i can do that too though it is slow.
    Best of all is the price. The cabel cost me about $25 and I pay an extra $5 on my Sprint bill for the service. There is no time or quantity limit. The only charge is the per minute cell usage charge, same as for avoice call.
    John Henry

  • button

    Jeff, (‘FYI’), I’m currently in the 954 area on AOL. They have a long list of access numbers here, but most are constantly busy. I found 2 that are sometimes busy but sometimes work. Even late at night the best speed I can get is 26,400 which is half of what I routinely got in Bergen Cnty where I usually got at least 50,000. If this continues, I expect to feedback AOL and complain about it. They may not be aware yet that there’s a problem with access here.
    If you don’t inform them there is a problem, how are they supposed to know?
    But if this problem persists long term, I’ll have to look elsewhere, because this connection is much too slow to be practical for me.