Geek fashion report

Geek fashion report

: JC Penney is working on odor-eater underwear. How the hell do you market that: Don’t clean, just wear Penney’s panties? Yuck.

: The Today Show had on ladies wearing the TV screens on their chests today. Katie Couric said they were flat screens and then said, “Sorry, girls.”

  • Ethan

    Hey, I just wanted to be the first to comment on one of these things. I’m new to the whole blog thing. Didn’t really have anything important to add, just wanted to see if anyone else would read this.

  • I actually had a few pairs of branded Odor-Eaters (TM) socks that I picked up once in camp, instead of doing laundry. Supposedly, they were supposed to stop smelling after laundry. I must say, even for a grungy 15-year-old hiking at camp, even my regular socks could pass that test.

  • Michael Zimmer

    I’ve been runing in anti-bacterial clothing for a couple of years. JC Penny is behind the curve.

  • Brian H

    Normally I hate distorted TV images, but a flexible fabric screen in that configuration might be an exception. I’d sure like to carefully inspect a few working models from various angles and distances. Watching baseball, NASCAR, golfing, or Iraqi war news clips would all be part of the testing process, of course.
    You can see how this has affected and infected my imagination.

  • Odor-eater underwear? They should call them DUNGarees.