Big and bigger

trackinggraph-06-2004.pngBig and bigger

: Technorati, as many will report today, just passed 3 million blogs tracked (our equivalent of 300 million burgers served) at a rate of 15,000 new blogs per day. Technorati founder Dave Sifry reports that of these, 1.65 million are updated actively, though Mary Hodder emphasizes that that doesn’t mean the rest are abandoned; blogs are used for many reasons (for example, for the once-a-year conference) and they still have information and value. At any rate, the conversations keep growing: Technorati is seeing more than 275,000 posts every day; three blogs are updated every second. The people are talking and the volume is growing.

  • hugh macleod

    I agree with pretty much everything you say, Jeff. I also still maintain that when Big Media disses blogs, it’s just a sign of them in denial of the “Clay Shirky “realities.
    Human nature dictates that we prefer futures that value what we do more, not less. And when somebody paints our future bleakly, our gut reaction is to diss ’em. Again, it’s human nature.
    That being said, in the disser’s defence, I’ll say maintaining a good blog (by “good”, I mean one that has good content and attracts a large and desirable reader base- like yours, heh) is a heckova lot of work.
    I imagine a lot of people go into it, not realizing how much work it is. And they give up, drop off, or whatever. Can’t say I blame them sometimes. And I don’t blame- or at least, it doesn’t surprise me- that the dissers will use this against us, any way they can.
    Human nature etc.

  • Karl Marx: quantity drives out quality

  • People like to chat. They like to talk about their cats, the parties they went to, who they are dating, who they would like to date, etc. etc.
    There is nothing wrong with this.
    However, it does not mean Howard Dean is President.

  • Weblog Growth Rate Slowing
    As an expert on blog hiatuses (hiati?), I emphatically agree that “not updated recently” does not equal “abandoned.”

  • ‘Good’ blogs (i.e. relevant to you & informative) are hard work. You can post any old crap on the net every hour, but your quality is likely to suffer even if your quantity doesn’t. A decent post takes knowledge, time and good writing.
    A greater quantity of blogs only increases the number of fab & the number of crap blogs. But, hey, there’s a plenty of space in here for all of us.

  • Infinite monkeys indeed.

  • A
  • Am I the only one who thinks of Ender’s Game when I see how quickly the blogosphere is growing?

  • “Karl Marx: quantity drives out quality”
    Only in a limited system. In an unlimited system such as the internet, with its ability to link not only individual stories but Web sites, it’s possible to come across colonies of well-written, informative blogs that are worth coming back to. The presence of a billion blogs doesn’t affect mine at all. Only the quality of my posts, my ability to link and network, and my ability to keep providing the good free ice cream will determine the size of my readership.

  • Agreed, Bill P.
    “You are responsible for your own experience” etc.
    But try telling that to a Marxist. Heh.