Fisk away

Fisk away

: Andrew Sullivan asked any blogger to create a transcript of Fahrenheit 9/11 and a day later, here’s the first chunk. And here’s Andrew’s take on the messianic parallels between Michael Moore and Mel Gibson.

  • shark

    The lies start from minute one. Bush won the Florida recounts fair and square, and independent recounts after the election showed that as well.
    PS- Not a word about disqualifying military votes. I wonder why….

  • ken

    I think Sullivan needs to let go of the hate — of The Passion, that is. I think he only hurts his Moore arguments by trying to draw comparisons between a purported documentary and a religious-based feature film.

  • I had not known Gibson or Christ were running against Bush in the next election. A silly comparison at best.

  • mike

    Mel Gibson’s film was in no way intended to persuade anyone to a certain religion; to label fans of the movie as “unthinking hordes of the far right” is so completely off-base that it’s both annoying and laughable. His criticism is simply powerless when dealing with a movie that only sought to display his personal image of a widely interpreted scene from the Bible.

  • Leen

    Hmm…I wonder if South Park is going to spoof Moore the way they spoofed Gibson…
    That could be interesting.

  • MortifiedPenguin

    Re: South Park parody of F9/11.
    Knowing the speed that Matt and Trey are able to get current event-based episodes ground out, I would look for it either this Wednesday or the next. Can’t wait. :)

  • MortifiedPenguin

    Forgot to add to Sullivan’s comparison of F9/11 to “The Passion”…
    1) “The Passion” is “right-wing” in the same fashion that “Dodge Ball” is left-wing. It appeals primarily to religious Christians, and perhaps Catholics in particular (Mel is Catholic and used the Catholic perspective so I understand.) It is about events that happened 2000 years ago. Perhaps more from the right went to see that movie (I didn’t) and perhaps more from the left will go see “Dodge Ball”, if nothing more than overflow from F9/11. Who cares?
    2) Aren’t Catholics rather split politically? I sure thought so. More so than Baptists for instance.
    3) I guess the tortured case could be made that The Passion was anti-semitic (many tried to make that claim) and since the Jewish population here in America tends to vote leftish that it is therefore a defacto rightish movie. That would make about as much sense as anything, at least to those who are prone to believe that the right is where anti-semitism is most at home. However, in my limited experience here on planet Earth, it seems the left is currently home to the most rabid anti-semites.
    4) As much as I respect many of Sullivan’s views, on The Passion he seems to have invested way more “deep thoughts” into the movie that it probably deserves, and has certainly read more into it than I have.
    5) On the other hand, perhaps “Dodge Ball” will get overflow from those who tried to watch F9/11 but couldn’t take it and walked across the multiplex to catch the last 40 minutes of Ben Stiller’s brilliant comedy stylings.

  • h0mi

    Penguin- I dont think SP has new episodes due to be released anytime soon. We’ll have to wait till the new season starts.
    Whenever that is.

  • MortifiedPenguin

    h0mi, you’re probably right. It’s summer and nothing new worth a damn is coming out anytime soon. D’oh!

  • MaB

    I’m one of the handfull of people that really liked both movies, for what it’s worth.
    How come it is rarely pointed out how bad the Democrats come off in F911? They really look like a buch of cowards when it came time to offer some opposition. Of course, Moore completely distorts the reality because he doesn’t show any footage of Robert Byrd’s many speeches against the war. It’s bias I tell ya!

  • Alice

    MaB: How could they come off as cowards when Moore himself didn’t want to go to war in Afghanistan or Iraq? It would seem to undermine his own position. And I’m literally asking you -I haven’t seen the film.

  • MaB,
    i liked both films too. for different reasons.
    i felt that Passion was great because it spoke to the converted beautifully.
    i felt F 9/11 spoke to everyone beautifully.