X-rated Ashcroft

X-rated Ashcroft

: Nerve is holding a contest to create the “sexiest” one-minute video starring prude-in-chief John Ashcroft. I can’t decide whether to animate the stone lady with the naked breasts he covered up or to dabble in puppetry of the penis.

  • Trump

    Jeff, as long as you show that video on CBS during primetime, which seems to be what you want considering your stance on the FCC…

  • Jeremy

    Lying like this doesn’t help your credibility. You are no different than Moore, other than weighing 300 lbs less, better hygiene, and possibly more hair.

  • I guess, Jeff, that you never heard that the “cover up the naughty statues” thing was a myth.

  • It’s a myth that will never die, though, Andrea. Is it really worth upsetting our host over?