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: I was going to take a vacation from Michael Moore today but, what the hell, here’s a wonderful compilation of self-loathing-American quotes by the big man himself from David Brooks:

For example, it was during an interview with the British paper The Mirror that Moore unfurled what is perhaps the central insight of his oeuvre, that Americans are kind of crappy.

“They are possibly the dumbest people on the planet . . . in thrall to conniving, thieving smug [pieces of the human anatomy],” Moore intoned. “We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance. We don’t know about anything that’s happening outside our country. Our stupidity is embarrassing.”

: The big man is doing boffo box office, beating White Chicks and Dodgeball Friday.

: Photo thanks to Donald Sensing.

: UPDATE: Allah reconsiders his HQ.

  • StinKerr

    Well, this American isn’t dumb enough to watch Moore’s movies. Of course, I’m an immigrant.

  • djangone

    Sorry, not an important point. Quite a lot of liberals have this same love/hate relationship with the mass of Americans. Personally I wouldn’t mind it if the solid red states split off and formed a sovereign nation of fools, waving their idiot flags all the way. They’d become a third-world country without the blue states’ overflow of wealth, but I wouldn’t miss them for a second.
    And anyway, just another commentary on Moore that can’t find a thing to say about the film. ‘They hate America,’ yawn…

  • Forbes

    If, as Brooks suggested, Michael Moore is an American intellectual, then we are the dumbest people on the planet, for that is setting the intellectual bar at ground level, if not gutter level.

  • Trump

    Moore: Americans are stupid
    I guess he just proved the point ;)

  • MortifiedPenguin

    “Personally I wouldn’t mind it if the solid red states split off and formed a sovereign nation of fools, waving their idiot flags all the way. They’d become a third-world country without the blue states’ overflow of wealth, but I wouldn’t miss them for a second.”
    That’s rich. Who would pay for all the Blue State social engineering? I suspect you would find quite the opposite happening for the most part. But anyway it is nice to see you admit that some liberals disdain common Americans just because of who and what they are. We’ve known it for a very long time but it isn’t often mentioned in polite company. Think about your comments the next time the subject of racism comes up and see if you can draw an analogy or two.
    Anyway, you use of “their idiot flags” perfectly sums up the smarmy attitude of Moore when it comes to those who would like to see our country prevail against the Islamofacists. Glad to hear you’ve been paying attention to the talking points. You’ve got them down pat, djangone.

  • “‘They hate America,’ yawn…”
    The yawn signifies intellectual laziness, as in “I don’t *yawn* have any credible way of refuting that which is essentially true.”

  • chuck

    Well, all Americans are stupid, except for Moore, of course. He is so smart that he even knows the rest of us are dumb. Jeez.

  • kingdom2000

    Wish could say he was wrong…but he isn’t. If its not reported on the local news most people are absolutely clueless and like the fact they are clueless. Americans are a big fan of the “ignorance is bliss” idealogy.

  • billg

    I have not seen, and will not see, any of Moore’s films. That would be tantamount to my great-grandfather spending money to see a play extolling the virtures of the Southern slavocracy. Why support people who are wrong and on the wrong side?
    That said, has anyone considered the possibility that Moore is just in this for the money?

  • sands

    i have searched high and low for a factual critique of moore’s contentions. His weight, his “hates” and his canadian origins (?!?) are all i have gotten so far.
    Self hating american?? What does this term even mean?

  • djangone

    Mogrified Penguin, glad to oblige you with a home-truth. Like most Americans (and surely most libs) I’m just not going to let my standards drop so low that I support my country doing anything, no matter how mendacious, expedient or just plain idiotic. If you want to support it, fine, and while you’re doing it, give us a shout about how that blue dress is fitting, kay?
    I’m just guessing that it’s going to feel a little funny for you at some point remembering that you supported a president who lied to you in record volume about important things (you know, war?) not just about a bj. And who, when he wasn’t lying was setting new standards of incompetence.
    But I’m glad to say that the majority of Americans are have woken up. So the news is I might like more of them than I thought. With linchpin Ohio having Kerry ahead by more than the margin for error, with nationwide job approval rating for Bush still in never-never-land, well, my shivering, flightless friend, you’re losing company on that bizarro, don’t-care-if-I’m-lied-to fringe.
    I have no idea what ‘social engineering’ you’re talking about. Whatever it is, with the lion’s share of the nation’s GDP coming from blue states, I’m sure we can pay for whatever the hell it is you’re talking about. We in the blue wouldn’t be propping up the susbsistence-farming states anymore, so there may well be a lot dough to go around.
    So Mike’s in it for the money?
    Let’s see if I have this straight. A critique of someone’s business acumen from a right-winger? Sorry, couldn’t care less if he in fact did it for the money, and I have no idea what you think that has to do with the film’s substance.
    Now, in what sense is Moore ‘wrong and on the wrong side’? I don’t always agree with his take on things, but factually, not much has been shown ‘wrong.’ The great bin Laden airlift? That’s more debatable than Moore says, though not much. The congressman who has a nephew in the Army? But please, in your own words, factual errors?
    Nice one about ‘slavocracy.’ Please explain. Or do you even understand what you’ve written yourself?

  • Keith

    You should crop a head shot from the photo and replace the other one.
    All the best.

  • debbie

    I was just watching Ebert and Roeper where they were talking about this film. I heard, for the millioneth time, how everyone in America SHOULD see this movie. Well as a member of the unwashed masses, I must say I am SO grateful to my intellectual betters in the chattering classes for telling me what I should spend my time and money on!
    Sorry movie critics…you may line up to praise Michael Moore, with a pair of kneepads in one hand and a tube of KY in the other, but I will NOT
    pay tithe to a jerk like Michael Moore. He will not get one cent of my money, or one second of my time.

  • Debbie, I agree with you. A fellow who equates gratuitous anger with moral authority.

  • Reid

    djangone said: “I’m just guessing that it’s going to feel a little funny for you at some point remembering that you supported a president who lied to you in record volume about important things (you know, war?) not just about a bj. And who, when he wasn’t lying was setting new standards of incompetence.”
    Well, fella’, maybe if BJ wasn’t spending all his time trying to get laid (because of his frigid wife I expect – but that’s another topic for another time), he would have done something about AQ and OBL all those eight years while we got bombed at the WTC, got bombed at the Khobar Towers, got hounded out of Somalia, turned down OBL on a platter from Sudan, got bombed at the Nairobi embassy, got bombed at the Dar es Salaam embassy and, got bombed at the USS Cole.
    Nobody lied to me, Skippy. I knew exactly what we were getting into and what the difficulties would be. Do not project your ignorance on the rest of us who were paying attention.
    And, BTW, the latest polls have GW up by 8 points. Suck on it.

  • djangone

    So, Reid, you’re saying that nobody lied to you. I guess you mean that you knew all of that evidence was faked, that there was no Al Qaeda link, nor any WMD. You must, I guess, also get tickly about having spent $200 billion so far on a failed experiment in using a war to get re-elected. I’m speechless. I never knew such an opinion was possible. Silly me, I wasn’t looking under the right rocks.
    Nonetheless it’s easier for me to read you this way than to read the opposite, that you think you were being told the truth. Nobody, nobody who ‘pays attention’ is that stupid. It’s simply not possible. But, again, I could be wrong again about the depths of gullibility.
    Now, about your ‘polls,’ I can only say it’s time to bring on your cites. I’ll stack mine up against yours any day. In the end, you really meant poll not polls didn’t you?
    Here are mine:
    Kerry up by 4 among registered voters, along with a few new Bush lows, here:
    Or maybe this, with Kerry leading nationwide:,1,1874410.story?coll=la-news-times_poll
    Or this one, with the pivotal Ohio situation.
    Or this one, reflecting a dead-heat:
    Or this on Bush’s sad job performance:
    Or, let me guess, are you talking about that one Fox poll, that against all other polls, somehow has Bush winning right now? I get a case of the giggles whenever I see Fox put out polls so different than more reputable news organizations. It’s pretty funny watching them stand in the tide, like some wingnut Fergus, and try so hard to hold back the waves of truth.
    You’re gonna have to do a little better than this, Reid. It’s hardly worth answering a post like yours, except gathering all these kinds of cites is pretty fun right now.
    As will looking at reports of ‘Fahrenheit’s’ weekend box office numbers next week.

  • Keith

    Their is nothing that Bush can do that would please the Militant Leftwing Liberals. I think he is smart by not even trying. It does not matter what he does the left will dispute it.
    It is amazing that with Al Gore off his meds, is completely contradicting what he said in ’92 as opposed to what is saying now. He thought then that AQ and Saddam were connected but now he is calling Bush a liar for saying the same thing now.
    If the Dems think they are pissed now, just wait until they have to deal with GWB for another 4 years. They should all move to France where they can all live in a socialist utopia. They will never have it here.
    If any of them rely on this movie as a basis of fact then they will never beleive that Moore has taken all of them for suckers to fatten his own self interest. Ignorance is bliss.

  • djangone

    Wow, ‘Keith.’ You posted this same, largely illiterate post at Allah. Just love showing off that facility with the language, eh?

  • neverwhere

    Wow, stumbled on this on accident. I think it’s kind of cute how angry the conservatives get when people question anything they believe in. The only thing I’ve seen coming from the Republican portion of this country in the past couple years is fanaticism and beligerance. Remember, the reason we’re in this war is because of fanatics and fundamentalists, Christian or Islamic. I find it outstandingly funny that everytime someone mentions “Hey, you think maybe the president is wrong?” you all become so outraged. Though I suppose it’s better to follow blindly at this point. Ashcroft has whittled away our freedoms to the point they’re hanging from a thread. People have already been thrown in prison against everything our Constitution says just for saying that maybe our oh-so-wise president might not be doing a very good job. I’m sure if the founding fathers would have known a piece of legislation like the wonderful Patriot Act was gonna get pushed through under the noses of every american citizen they would’ve handed the newly won states back to England and called it a day. I say God bless Michael Moore. At least somebody has the guts to go out in the spotlight and call attention to what’s really going on. And for those who would discredit him? Every interview I’ve seen/read leading up to this film has been an outright attack on the man’s integrity and he hasn’t even blinked or missed a beat yet.

  • neverwhere

    also, the vast majority of americans are pretty stupid. reality tv and it’s absurd popularity are testament enough to that. i watch it, you watch it, we all watch it and it’s dumbing us down faster by the second.

  • sil

    If Moore’s propaganda movie can bring lots of dosh to himself and to America from overseas. I’m all for it (thumbs up) :)
    Stupid people from overseas are just adding wealth to the America they hate :)

  • Reid

    “I guess you mean that you knew all of that evidence was faked, that there was no Al Qaeda link, nor any WMD.”
    It is undisputed by the 9-11 commission that there were links between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Only a fool would believe otherwise. So, I guess you do.
    And, there were plenty of WMDs, more of which have been found just recently in addition to the roadside IED of several weeks ago (no, an IED is not a birth control device – but, I don’t have time to explain so, look it up Poindexter). More importantly, there were the scientific talent and the infrastructure to create more as soon as the sanctions were done, which was going to be soon as they were crumbling fast. Of course, the sanctions themselves were considered by Al Qaeda as one of the top two reasons for declaring jihad against the US in the first place, according to bin Laden’s 1998 fatwah. The top reason was the stationing of US troops in the Saudi Arabian holy land (to guard against Saddam). So, you see, the struggle with Al Qaeda had Iraq at its very heart, regardless of the demonstrated ties between Saddam and AQ.
    I don’t expect you to know all this, of course, because you clearly do not do any reading beyond the day’s liberal talking points.
    “You must, I guess, also get tickly about having spent $200 billion so far on a failed experiment in using a war to get re-elected. I’m speechless.”
    No, you are just brainless. You clearly never learned the adage about it being preferable to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it. If you think GW launched a war to get reelected…. well, “think” doesn’t really describe the phenomenon. But then, we’ve pretty well established you are incapable of that anyway.
    In fact, this war is a bold effort to remake the Middle East into something more congenial to life on this planet, for the benefit of your children if you have any (though, I hope to God you don’t procreate), rather than sitting around waiting for the problems there to continue festering and one day blow up into something really big.
    Well, that’s enough. I’m sure your cranium was already near bursting after the first few sentences and you won’t have gotten anything out of this. I expect you’ll come back with some cretinous, nescient reply (like the last one). Let me just save the trouble of coming back to see what excremental matter has oozed out of that pus-filled noggin of yours and send a preemptive “God, was that dumb” reply to whatever it turns out to be.

  • HH

    sands – You’re not looking hard enough. Go to for a critique of past Moore efforts, including the long list of lies and distortions in his most recent book. Then check for updates on the lies of Fahrenheit 9/11. Also look at Christopher Hitchens’ review.

  • HH

    “there was no Al Qaeda link, nor any WMD.”
    Wrong on both counts as anyone paying the least amount of attention knows.

  • HH

    “I’m just guessing that it’s going to feel a little funny for you at some point remembering that you supported a president who lied to you in record volume about important things (you know, war?) not just about a bj.”
    Clinton told the Rwandans that he didn’t realize there was a genocide while it happened or else he’d do something about it. We now know that his administration was well aware of the genocide at the time. Not an “important thing” though, I’m sure. Clinton lied about any number of other things too, that had zip to do with sex, plus he lied under oath about things remotely related to sex and some that had something to do with it, as if one perjury is better than another.

  • HH

    “Every interview I’ve seen/read leading up to this film has been an outright attack on the man’s integrity and he hasn’t even blinked or missed a beat yet.”
    Obviously you haven’t paid attention… Moore just about turns purple every time an interviewer dares question him… even trying to change the subject when questioned by Lauer over to Bush. Meantime, the masses going to his film with their hands in their pants have gone apeshit that Bush would ask an interviewer not to interrupt him mid-sentence.

  • sil
    A taste of his own medicine. Watch the trailer :)

  • Now that all his fellow classmates (you know, the ones the girls would date instead of him) are grown up and running the country, he’s REALLY mad!

  • Jacksback

    The three great evils, as stated by Mikhail Moore? The oil companies, Haliburton and Israel.
    Yep, and the DNC has embraced this marxist millionaire as if he were the second coming of JFK.
    Have fun with him. PT Barnum was right.

  • liberalwhoknowsbetter

    hey sands and carsonfire: go to, where c. hitchens does a mesmerizing job of ripping apart not only moore`s so-called “argument” but also the idiotic arguments of the entire lunatic left.
    then shut the f**k up and go back to indymedia or dem. underground or whatever other rock you crawled out from.

  • liberalwhoknowsbetter

    oh yeah, and djangone too…

  • MortifiedPenguin

    Reid and HH, word.
    I love how we’re supposed to be ashamed of supporting the liberation of 23,000,000+ Iraqis, many of whom are actually thrilled to get the chance at a new life sans Saddam. I love how we’re supposed to be so stupid as to be tricked into going along with Bush when in reality we were calling for a broader front on this war in late 2001 as the only way of effectively changing the underlying situation in the mideast. The entire region was “stable” prior to the Iraq War in the same way the Soviet Union was “stable” in 1984.
    Anyway, it must truly mortify the left to know that not only were we not tricked into believing the war was all about WMD and Saddam flying airplanes into skyscrapers but instead we supported the war in Iraq for purely sane and well thought out reasons. The further claims of “no link to Al Qaeda” and “no WMD’s/no threat” are just so ludicrous that they really don’t even justify a response other than “are you really that stupid?”

  • O’McSomething

    Lovely insightful stuff on the Allah sight there, Jeff. Why don’t you just stay in Jersey next time you leave the city from the WTC Path station (Yeah, we all know how special you are.) Just had to link this sorta crap, huh? Don’t you feel swell that someone linked to your piece and then in the very next paragraph wrote this:
    I doubt it’ll come as a shock to anyone that when Allah isn’t busy overseeing Paradise, he spends his time in New York City. And so, as a New Yorker, here’s my question to the Republican leadership: Why? Why would you come here? Is it worth a photo op at Ground Zero to patronize this city and its fucking wretched, disgusting leftist majority? You shouldn’t be here, and neither should I. And once I have the means, I’m gone. Good riddance.
    And all the sweet well-thought-out comments that follow. You should be sooooo proud to be considered in such company. Just think. Your post was so well-thought-of it inspired all the lovely comments about NYC. Good job.

  • Rush Limbaugh

    I see alot people taking about things they haven`t seen. Even deny to ever see it but still clamour.
    That is just poor.
    Noone seriosly would argument that movie and the actual work of his author are disputing the nations very own administration. There is so much rumour about it,
    just look at the past days on this log. I cannot discuss anything seriously i haven`t seen. Whatever Hitchens says. And he said not much besides he dislikes Moore.
    So i am gonna watch this movie and if there are really open questions after that, like its maker promised, these need to be answered. If not i guess that was it for Moores career.

  • djangone

    My goodness, Reid, you’re just getting angrier and angrier. Can you be bothered to offer a cite for anything? You really ought to start bringing something to the game. You get smacked down on the polls, so you switch to even shakier ground. Bring a cite or sit down.
    But look, you can believe that dirt is sugar for all I care. How are you and the few other nutjobs here missing what the rest of America is getting? Even Bill O’Reilly has owned up re WMDs, fer chrissakes. So much for the liberal media being the problem.
    Rwanda? HH, pull any muscles stretching for that one?
    Anyway, back to Moore.
    I’m not a big Moore fan. I didn’t like Columbine, and even though this film is much more skilled, the thinking is strained, and I’m being asked throughout the movie to agree a little too much. The general case is fine, Bush is not competent, but the gratuitous slaps could stand to be taken out (‘Cocaine,’ and the Bushies being made up for camera, for example). And of course, every president is too close to the Saudis. Clinton was dogged for not responding to the Khobar Towers incident due to Bandar’s influence. Bush is easily the most pro-Saudi of any president, but it’s not true that he’s the only one who’s been too receptive of them.
    But all in all Mike could make about ten more ‘Fahrenheits’ and it would only just begin to redress the sheer volume of distortions and outright lies told by the Bush Administration for the last three years. Having Michael Moore on my side is like a bad referee call in my favor. It’s not completely right, but I’m stepping to the line and shooting two, thank you.

  • Angus Jung

    “But look, you can believe that dirt is sugar for all I care.”
    Remind me never to go to the bakery with you!

  • Farmer Ted

    “Personally I wouldn’t mind it if the solid red states split off and formed a sovereign nation of fools, waving their idiot flags all the way. They’d become a third-world country without the blue states’ overflow of wealth, but I wouldn’t miss them for a second.”
    It’s tough to generate wealth when you’re starving to death.

  • Reid

    Well, dgrowone, maybe you’d believe your precious New York Times (though it is true that hardly anyone outside of Manhattan does anymore) when it says:

    “Contacts between Iraqi intelligence agents and Osama bin Laden when he was in Sudan in the mid-1990’s were part of a broad effort by Baghdad to work with organizations opposing the Saudi ruling family, according to a newly disclosed document obtained by the Americans in Iraq. “

    Although the Times bends over backwards to try to minimize the significance of these contacts, it does allow that:

    “The Sept. 11 commission statement said there were reports of further contacts with Iraqi intelligence in Afghanistan after Mr. bin Laden’s departure from Sudan”

    There are tons of stuff like this in the public record for those not too lazy to look it up.
    Now, as for bin Laden’s 1998 fatwah, you may find it here, where you can read him explaining the second of the top two reasons for declaring holy war against the US:

    “Second, despite the great devastation inflicted on the Iraqi people by the crusader-Zionist alliance, and despite the huge number of those killed, in excess of 1 million… despite all this, the Americans are once against trying to repeat the horrific massacres, as though they are not content with the protracted blockade imposed after the ferocious war or the fragmentation and devastation. “

    The sanctions were Osama’s biggest recruitment draw and, every Arab believes they killed millions of innocent Iraqis. Why shouldn’t they, when the UN gave its own imprimatur to the allegation that they had been responsible for the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children?
    It was an untenable situation. The sanctions were creating jihadis in droves and, they were crumbling in any case and almost certainly would have been discarded or disregarded soon. Do you really believe that a resurgent Saddam, unfettered by sanctions or inspections, would not have gone on a crash program to rebuild his WMDs, including nuclear weapons this time, and would not soon have unleashed that arsenal against his neighbors once again? If so then, pardon me for being blunt but, you are an idiot.
    But, you want to cover your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears and blithely credit Saddam with being a nice guy with no reason to wish us ill or to cooperate with the people who tried to kill 50,000 of your fellow citizens on Sept. 11, 2002? Well, you may inhabit the La-La land in which you believe, based on your limited faculties and range of sources, that I am “missing what the rest of America is getting” if you like. The rest of us will continue to use our brains and our votes to keep you and yours safe, as little as you deserve it.

  • djangone

    Reid, you make it so hard for me to call you my friend.
    I pretty much knew you’d pull up that recent memo. How you missed Putin’s thing though, I don’t know.
    Like the scattered quantities of ricin we’ve come across, the ‘links’ to Al Qaeda in this news is hardly worth mentioning. If you’re looking for a casus belli in any of this, well, I’m with Tom Clancy. No cause for war has been shown.
    Answer me this one. A major, perhaps the major pre-9-11 meeting took place in Malaysia. Now there’s a country where we can assert an Al Qaeda tie. No matter how many millions we spend trying to find a link with Iraq, we’ve found nothing as strong as this link with Malaysia. So, why, Reid, aren’t we bombing Jahore Bahru into the stone age?
    After that, we could progress to Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan–all of whom had more Al Qaeda ‘links’ than Iraq.
    Yes, Saddam was contained. So goes the vast majority of educated opinion. Get with that ‘education’ thing, Reid, it’ll serve you well. After all, it’s gotta be hard waking up every day and knowing you’ll have to slog through another day of gulping down lies, disbelieving every truthful item you’re shown, being on the wrong side of the most disastrous mistake in US history, and backing the worst president we’ve ever had. So much work! Give your weary soul a rest some day, eh?

  • Keith

    Hanoi Jane of the 20th century is now Iraqi Michael Moore for the 21st century.

  • chuck

    “It’s tough to generate wealth when you’re starving to death.”
    Yeah, these folks forget that the foundation of our prosperity is agriculture. No agriculture, no civilization. Most parasites spare the host so that they may survive. The intelligentsia might bear that in mind.

  • O’

    Hanoi Jane of the 20th century is now Iraqi Michael Moore for the 21st century.
    Absolutely brilliant. I’d copyright that so no one steals it.

  • Arjun

    I’m a Democrat and I hope John Kerry wins in November.
    As for Michael Moore, he IS shamefully anti-American, he IS completely wrongheaded and deliberately misleading, and he DOES deserve to be denounced. David Brooks was far too kind to him, actually. Christopher Hitchens was on target.
    Michael Moore’s website denounces Bill Clinton’s 1998 attack on al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan with the LIE that this attack “only killed civilians”. Michael Moore is an anti-American liar.
    I hereby predict that John Kerry will NOT praise Michael Moore or his latest film.

  • Reid

    Gee, d, maybe because Malaysia and the others didn’t have the motive (a humiliating war and years of sanctions) nor the means (no history of WMD and/or no history of government sponsored terrorism) to attack us. Duh.
    Tom Clancy, huh? I guess you need the guidance of someone famous to form opinions. Hardly surprising. But, someday you may learn that Mr. Clancy is a novelist for a reason, to wit, not everything he writes is technically accurate and his stories often fail to mesh completely (which is not to say that they can’t be a lot of fun). Which is to say, Tom Clancy has no more standing to determine the righteousness of this conflict than my corner grocer.
    Those “scattered quantities of ricin” could kill thousands, my un-friend, as could the sarin found in that lone IED found on the side of the road. Your pooh-poohing it all is very brave. I hope you manage to be present wherever the terrorists eventually strike with it so you can have a good laugh at how minor and inconsequential it is.
    Saddam was NOT contained, and becoming less so every day. If you think I was arguing for the amoral and failing containment strategy, you’d best reread my previous post. And, incidentally, unless you’ve got a PhD in a hard science and your papers appear in peer-reviewed journals around the globe, you really shouldn’t have the temerity to lecture me on educational status.
    Are you really this stupid? I’m done with you, dude. No longer worth my time…
    To Arjun:
    Thank you for being a principled liberal. I can at least respect that.

  • djangone

    Reid, done with me? No! The civility level of this forum suffers a blow! But I’ll answer nonetheless because it’s just not making me sweat.
    No, Sudan, Pakistan etc. didn’t pose threats–that was my point, thanks. But they’ve all had more verifiable naughty Al Qaeda activity than Iraq. Maybe I should’ve made that more clear. To put a bow on it for you, this means that an Al Qaeda link must not have been an honest standard.
    Geez, Reid, I give you all these chances to make what appears to be a bitter life a little brighter by shucking off the burden of denial. And what do I get? Scroll back up to your suck on it post. It’s gonna sit there, showing you simultaneously mistaken and having little class. Now that’s a two-fer to be proud of. Oooh, no ‘edit’ button, sorry!
    Look, it’s apparently fallen to me to provide you these well-reported and widely agreed-to facts. If it was all too hard to take, not my problem. All sarcasm aside, how is this not getting through?
    But okay, here’s more: Decade-old sarin (my bad) could’ve killed thousands? Says who? I can’t believe there are still people claiming this. Here goes again.
    Sarin is, in fact, rather difficult to weaponize. I’ve read informed opinion that the sarin found in that roadside bomb was less dangerous than if it had been standard HE. It was poorly made; it was improperly mixed; it falls miles short of the ‘stockpile’ standard the Administration set for itself. But the world’s been over this for weeks now.
    More pertinent link: F9/11 ‘turns’ a few Conservatives.

    “All the offhand remarks they caught Bush making, he wasn’t very presidential,” said Jerry Murrell, a retired stockbroker in Carmel and a Republican who voted for Mr. Bush in 2000. Mr. Murrell said that he had grave doubts about the war in Iraq, and that after seeing “Fahrenheit 9/11” his next vote “is going to take a lot of thought.”
    And in Pensacola, Fla., Monica Moody, a 20-year-old restaurant hostess who described herself as a conservative Republican, proved to be Mr. Moore’s perfect target.
    “Oh my goodness, I cried,” Ms. Moody said. “I’m still trying to process everything. It really makes me question what I feel about the president. I’m still going to respect him as our president, but it makes me question his motives. Of course, I think that’s the whole point of the film, to question his motives. But after watching it, I do question my loyalty to the president. And that’s scary for me.”

  • Ryan

    Shorter meme: “Americans are stupid, unless they buy into LW propaganda, then they’ve woken up.
    The truth is the majority of Americans could care less and do not think for themselves. That’s why the right in power scares the beejeesus of the left and vice versa. The bully pulpit allows you great sway to shape the agenda.