The Daily Stern: F the VP

The Daily Stern: F the VP

: The irony is so neon-garish it’s not even irony. It’s just stupid:

On the very day the Senate sneaks its indecent indecency bill through, the President of the Senate — aka Vice President Dick Cheney — spews the F word to a fellow senator.

Now I have no problem with him spewing the F word. Spew it myself. Often. But on this very day, the Senate decided that if you or I spew that word on broadcast, we can be fined up to $3 million a day because the F word, says the gospel according to the FCC, is profane.

Sounds like political speech to me.

: Note that the Washington Post actually printed the word. And the republic did not collapse.

The New York Times, on the other hand, got prissy about it.

At that point, the aides said, the vice president turned and stalked away, using an obscene phrase to describe what he thought Mr. Leahy should do.

Just whom are they protecting? The vice president said it on the the floor of the U.S. Senate and the word is newsworthy because the Senate just chose to chill such speech by the people on the people’s airwaves. The word is news. He said fuck, folks.