Gmail virus

Gmail virus

: Heiko Hebig notes that restricting access to Google’s Gmail to friends of friends of friends is brilliant viral marketing. It’s the Studio 54 of mail.

  • Howard Owens

    I agree. And if anybody wants a gmail account, I have a couple of invites available (and probably more to come). If you want one, send an e-mail to me at with the subject line “Jeff Jarvis Rocks” and include your first name and last name in the body of the message (required for me to send an invite), and I’ll try to get you one. Failure to heed the directions to the letter will lead to a nonresponse from me.

  • One problem with the marketing. Its free.
    Of course, with the advertising, they can recoup some of the expense.

  • freddie

    Be the first on your block! who cares. Got Yahoo and soon Hotmail will offer extra storage. What is the big deal about Google freebies?