Clinton’s book, cont.

Clinton’s book, cont.

: I’m a third of the way through listening to Clinton’s book and I have to say I’m enjoying it, especially as he goes through the details of political life. Sure, he has a few too many details in other areas (his Oxford room was down the hall on the left, up three stairs, right after that, across from the closet, down the hall, and up to the right, or something like that). And there are a few hokey moments. But when it gets to politics, this is Being Bill Clinton and that’s fun.

: Slate does the work for you and comes up with all the juicy bits.

: As if to repent for its Michiko Kakutani hatchet job on Clinton’s book Sunday, here’s an admiring piece by Larry McMurtry today.

: The NY Times says the book set records for sales in its first days, beating Hillary, and perhaps racking up 500k in a day. But then there’s the pissy local-angle story: It’s not selling well in East Texas. So, what, that means four copies instead of five?

: An autographed copy sold for $675 on eBay.