And how to do you feel about that, Mr. President?

And how to do you feel about that, Mr. President?

: There’s a rash of psychoanalyzing of the President going on in media. The New York Times today on Bush hanging Saddam’s pistol in the White House:

In other words, the gun is more than a gun, at least according to the Freudians.

“It’s the phallic equivalent of a scalp – I mean that quite seriously,” said Stanley A. Renshon, a psychoanalyst and political scientist at the City University of New York…

And in the Guardian, plugs/quotes a book by a shrink putting Bush on the couch:

Justin Frank, a clinical professor of psychiatry at George Washington University, argues that the president’s inclination to see the world in black-and-white, good-versus-evil terms, and his tendency to repeat favourite words and phrases under pressure, are not simply politics as usual, but classic symptoms of untreated alcoholism….

Well, it could be that today, the world is black-and-white, good-versus evil. And repeating favorite words and phrases? That’s showbiz.