: Two good finds on Steven I. Weiss’ very good blog for The Forward:

: A blogger named Esther at My Urban Kvetch writes:

Madonna says, “Call me Esther.”

I say, “Call me Madonna.”

: And Laurence Simon blogs about Juneteenth (wimpy asterisks mine):

Blacks get freed, and they celebrate with some of the best cooking around. Cornbread, blue crabs, crawdads, greens, BBQ pork and brisket… you name it, they cook it up and celebrate their asses off.

On the other hand, the Jews get freed, and we celebrate with this shitty food? Boiled egg, parsely, cracker-like bread, salt water… WHAT THE F***? I’d rather still be building pyramids than choking down this crap every year.

F*** this shit. I renounce being Jewish. From now on, I’m black.

Deal with it, but give me a plate of those cornbread biscuits and gumbo gravy first.