Exploding TV

Exploding TV

: More great information for those following the exploding TV thread: Drazen Pantic, a pioneer in bringing the power of video to citizens, has two great pieces on his site:

: This one describes how a peer-to-peer TV network can work.

: This one — called Anybody Can Be TV — briefly gives details on such things as open-source video editing and streaming tools.

: More exploding TV: Disney starts its own direct-to-TiVo-like-box service, Moviebeam.

It’s every mogul for himself out there. Add it up: Disney goes around cable and DVD distribution channels. Starz teams up with Real, risking the ire of cable. TiVo starts its own direct-to-TiVo service, challenging cable and satellite. CNN starts a broadband channel, which would have enraged cable operators except its parent is a big cable operator. McDonald’s starts abandoning TV advertising.

We’re witnessing the disruption of the TV business by the Internet. Fuse is lit. Explosion coming.