BBC covers Iraqi bloggers

BBC covers Iraqi bloggers

: The BBC reports on Iraqi bloggers, focusing on the blogging brothers Omar, Ali, and Mohammed:

One such blog is Iraq The Model, an online diary focusing mainly on politics and reform which is written and run by three Baghdad-based brothers – Mohammed, Omar and Ali.

Ali, a doctor, told BBC News Online that he and his brothers developed the blog because he wanted to send out a more positive message about events in his home country.

“More than 90% of major media outlets have a rather negative agenda and what’s the benefit of us doing the same?” he asks.

“We do feel optimistic about the future of Iraq, but we see many facts about Iraq that are not covered, which is a shame.”

“They [the media] ignore pictures of good relations between the Iraqis and the coalition and the good interaction between both sides, they only focus on bad events – like what is happening in Abu Ghraib.” …

Ali attributes the rise in popularity of such Iraqi blogs to both the growing number of Iraqis who have access to the internet and an emotional sense that Iraqis want to tell the world about their lives.

“There is an eagerness to reach out to the world and talk because we were silent for a long time,” he says.

“They are happy that they can reach the world and that some people are listening and interacting.”