National Putrid Radio

National Putrid Radio

: I was driving around listening to The Next Big Thing (because, hey, Howard’s not on on Saturday) when host Dean Olsher started a too-precious commentary on war, terrorism, and New York, complete with a Woody Allen soundtrack of bustling city noises and jazz (my New York sounds nothing like that; it sounds more like a garbage truck with a bad muffler).

In no time, I was shouting at the windshield: Twit! He talked about people getting flashbacks to September 11 — something I share and so he sparked my interest. But then he said these flashbacks are not caused by the 9/11 Commission hearings in New York.

They have less to do with September 11 and everything to do with October 7th, 2001, which is the day the U.S. began bombing Afghanistan. That was the day that people I know stayed away from the city and prayed that our government’s actions over there were not going to provoke yet another attack over here.

Yes, you can see where this is going: It’s our fault. We shouldn’t have gone to hunt down and attack al Qaeda because it might make them mad and we wouldn’t want to do that, now, would we?

I’m screaming at the windshield: Ass! But it gets worse.

The government has been so determined to forge a link between September 11 and Iraq and now it seems more and more likely that they will do that in fact by bringing about another September 11th….

I can’t imagine that the President is still looking for an answer to the question, Why do they hate us? The real question now is when is the next shoe going to drop in the U.S.?…

So we’re already anticipating the next terrorist attack and that it will be our fault. By this sad, sick, stupid logic, freeing Iraq of its murderous tyrant justifies terrorism against the U.S.

My windshield is getting wet as I sputter, Amoral cretin! Olsher now recounts a conversation…

…with a colleague who is dismissing the argument that a parliamentary government would have resigned in disgrace if it had allowed an attack on its people like September 11th….

Let me find that colleague and pat him on the back: A sane person at NPR.

At the end, Olsher asks what to do to stop terrorist attacks on the U.S.

There’s also an unstated answer, which no one was really free to say out loud for fear of being accused of blaming the victim and that unstated answer was don’t make people hate us in the first place….

I want to rip out the radio and throw it out the sunroof (but then I wouldn’t hear Howard Monday). So we should stand back and kowtow and cater to slime in Afghanistan or Iraq or God knows where so as not to piss them off.

Olsher contemplates Abu Ghraib and the Iraq war…

…which seems not to have a shred of legitimacy about it and about how both of those things are likely to provoke more terror on American soil.

So I would like very much to ask the President what kind of attack it would take for him to figure out that it’s his job not only to protect the American people, it’s also his job not to actively put us in danger for no good reason.

There’s nothing terribly new in this twit’s tripe. It’s just so sad that it keeps resurfacing, like modern-day Holocaust denial.

We did not bring the terrorism upon us. Nothing in this world could possibly justify the terrorist attacks that did befall us. We had a right and obligation to go into Afghanistan and stop al Qaeda and protect ourselves (our mistake was not getting them). I believe — though I know many do not — that we had reason to go into Iraq and it was not WMD but was humanitarian (and our mistake now is that we do not have enough troops and force there to bring peace to the country). If Olsher the idiot and his ilk keep repeating their cant, then we on the other side must continue to repeat our response.