Debate of the dinosaurs

Debate of the dinosaurs

Romenesko captures a pissing match between Greg Mitchell, editor of the failing newspaper trade rag E&P, and Abe Rosenthal, aged ex-editor of the NY Times.

Mitchell wrote a numbnutty column in E&P calling on newspapers to call for a withdrawl from Iraq. Rosenthal wrote a column in the NY Sun taking him to task. And Mitchell responded with a sputtering and misspelled response to Romenesko.

Be that all as it may, Rosenthal attacks newspapers for their coverage of Abu Ghraib that now ignores Saddam’s atrocities. Rosenthal never was known for writing a clear column but he has some clear things to say on this:

I do not know if the Iraqis regularly used leashes on prisoners. But they did use poison gas on civilians they wanted to eliminate, like the Kurds.

Strangely, we are uneasy even at the very idea of bringing up the mass Iraqi torture and murder.That is an insult to all those murdered masses of Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Jews, and Iranians.

It is essential that we remember, ourselves, and the young members of the American armed forces know that they are fighting a government that is fascist in organization and in its slavering sadism.

To remember the sufferings of Saddam