Arafat: King Terrorist

Arafat: King Terrorist

Yasser Arafat called on his followers to “terrorize” their enemies on the occasion of the anniversary of Israel.

Mr. Arafat called on his people to be steadfast in their struggle against Israel.

Quoting from the Muslim holy book, the Koran, he told his supporters to “find what strength you have to terrorize your enemy and the enemy of God.”

Mr. Arafat said that the international community had no right to allow the establishment of a Jewish State in 1948, and the Palestinian people were determined to press on with their claim for an independent country of their own.

And so what separates him from bin Laden? There is no hope of peace with this man.

: He terrorizes even his own people. From the Scotsman:

Arab prisoners beaten and tortured, innocent bystanders killed by gunfire – another damning human rights report.

But the difference this time is that the violence is being perpetrated not by coalition forces in Iraq, but by the Palestinian Authority, and the victims are its own people.

The report, partly funded by the Finnish government, claims Palestinian cities are in a state of near anarchy, with people on the payroll of Yasser Arafat