The White House cancels more subscriptions

The White House cancels more subscriptions

: Donald Rumseld is addressing soldiers, sailors, and whopping Marines in Iraq right now. After talking about the prison abuse scandal and bringing those responsible to justice and about his own position, Rumsfeld says to cheers and more whoops:

I stopped reading the newspaper.

It’s a fact.

I’m a survivor.

And instead, I’ve been reading a book about Ulysses S Grant and the Civil War.

He also said to the troops:

One day, you’re going to look back and you’re going to be proud of your service and you’re going to say it was worth it.

  • Franky

    Good to see our secretary of defense is not bothering to read about the world, instead, one is to presume, relying upon intelligence. And we’ve all seen how successful that’s been over the past 18 months.

  • finlay

    Hey, it beats reading enemy propoganda all day. That’s enough to beat anybody down. More likey the Sec Def knows the whole story, and has better uses of his time than to wallow in the self-hatred and navel gazing of the world’s media. While you sit in your dark sad world full of hate and bile, dumbfounded by the response our troops give to a guy like Rumsfeld, the rest of us understand why reading the mainstream press cover Iraq is a waste of time.

  • Syl

    Franky gets all his ‘facts’ from the mainstream media. No wonder he’s so ill informed.

  • Jayson Blair

    Good to see our secretary of defense is not bothering to read about the world, instead, one is to presume, relying upon intelligence. And we’ve all seen how successful that’s been over the past 18 months.
    Yeah cause we’ve seen how accurate and accountable the press has been those last 18 months too, [cough, cough] NYT. Typical 4th Estate BS that one could think that you can get just as much information watching satellite TV with ol Janeane Garofalo as you can being a cabinet member with super-double-secret-handhake-classified security clearance. There is stuff that happens in the world on a day to day basis that no one hears about because if they did folks like Franky would be too scared to get out of the bed in his mom’s basement in the morning.

  • Zip

    When conservatives don’t like the news they attack the source. Typical

  • Jeff, is there a link for these quotes?

  • Judith: Nope. I heard it on tv.

  • Andy

    The mainstream media have betrayed the trust granted by the public. They have stopped seeking objectivity and decided to join the spin.
    The “scandals” of plagarism and fabrication just confirmed the worst fears of both sides. We are a sharply divided nation. Our sources have decided that walking between the sides is too much effort. They have chosen the easier path of partisanship.
    That more and more people turn to the internet for news should be no surprise. Why read/listen to what people in NYC think important when I can click and see ourselves from Singapore, London, Bahrain, Sydney and a dozen other spots around the world. I can even read blogs written by eyewitnesses to events. (IS a made-up blog better or worse than a made up news report?)
    American media competes on a global and national basis. They have betrayed our trust. What will they do? Or do they even care to try?

  • rick w.

    I work in a somewhat specialized field. News stories concerning my field are usually about 15% accurate, and those are the good ones. It makes me wonder what else they’re wrong about, and I view mainstream news stories about other things with skepticism. Thank God for the internet…and links to sources!!

  • anne.elk

    Today, Scott McClellan confirmed that George W. Bush has not cancelled his subscription to Highlights.

  • Finlay

    Looks like you still have your subscribtion to Snarky Bitch though Anne.

  • Franky

    where do you get your info from then Syl?
    This is the funny thing about right-wing blogs and their war on the traditional media; they only exist becuase of the mainstream media. They link to articles in……can you guess yet?….the MAINSTREAM MEDIA. or maybe you Syl do get your info straight from the CIA. You seem to be wrong on every issue I’ve ever seen you talk.
    And the sad fact is, sorry to have to remind you of this Finaly and Jayson, is that often the media are getting closer to sources in the middle east than the representatives of us government. what do you think the guy who sits in the Cairo embassy knows about the Islamic groups in the country? hahahaha you think he sits around in cafes, striking up conversations and getting valuable info? hahahahaha keep believing that.

  • Franky:
    Why should SecDef subscribe to the NYT or the WaPo when he can get al Jazeera over a secure, high-speed link…and on the taxpayer’s dime, to boot?

  • Franky

    I just wanted to comment on Rick’s comments. If it is 15% correct, 85% in error, you have to complain to these outlets. The only way journalists will improve their work is to know that specialised people are watching and getting ready to complain.
    As jeff keeps saying, the new ear of information is a two-way exchange

  • Richard Aubrey

    Franky, you presume the reporters who get it wrong are interested.
    You also presume people don’t try to correct them.
    What is your basis for such faith?

  • hen

    Finlay – Snarky Bitch and Brainless Troll Journal.
    Hey Jeff why don’t you say what the response was from the troops when he said he stopped reading the enemy propaganda? Sustained applause.
    You know what the lefties hate most about Bush and Rumsfeld? The military loves these guys and so to does the heartland.

  • Franky

    I know that most journalists are concerned by their mistakes because they’re evaluated on those errors and its the essence of their job: to get the facts right. In rare cases they may push an agenda in a story, but factual errors are dreaded by the reporter and the editor. I think there’s been a huge campaign to discredit the media, that while it started out right, has been vastly overblown until now the media is regularly accused of supporting Al-queda….it just has no relation to reality.
    wow hen you really got us there. I guess if we go back and see Clinton’s speech to the military there will be deafening silence, right?

  • hen

    as a matter of fact Franky, i have some friends that were going to West Point during Clinton’s second term and they used to tell me 1) Clinton was despised by the military and 2) the academy cadets were admonished prior to Clinton appearances and speeches not to boo. in fact, Clinton is still hated by every enlisted and active duty officer i know right now. how many active duty service men do you know?
    oh and Jayson Blair was really concerned about his mistakes right?
    Franky – think first, then post. it usually is more effective.

  • Sean

    Actually Franky I attended a couple of BJ’s speeches as a member of the US military. I recall a smattering of polite applause. Sort of like Kerry’s old Vietnam performance evaluations, damning with faint praise.

  • Franky

    Hen…..why do you think I mentioned Clinton….because it was well-known that he was despised by the military and yet they still applauded him.
    I’m sort of at a loss to understand why we should care in particular what the military think? They’re overwhelmingly republican just as union members are overwhelmingly democrat. The big question is: so what?
    Good one of Jayson Blair. A bunch of soldiers are found torturing people, and they’re the exception (by the way, I think that is true). But Jayson Blair is caught and he’s representative of the entire profession (that, on the other hand is wrong).

  • Sean

    I don’t think the military is nearly as conservative as you seem to think, Franky. In fact, I voted for Gore in 2000. I don’t want to speak for the entire US military, but most of my friends are pretty apolitical. We respect courage and integrity, though and those are characteristics Sec. Rumsfeld manifests. Clinton does not.

  • Franky

    Sean, I’ll certainly defer to your knowledge on this. But I thought historically (this is all second-hand knowledge) the military tends to vote republican (in fact I remember two friends of mine who were in the marines who told me that their captain had urged them to vote republican on the basis that democrats cut spending, but repubs boosted it – this is like 5 years ago). I remember Gore tried to stop those votes from abroad in 2000 because he knew they were military and would mostly vote repub, an act I found disgusting.

  • Actually, I’m wondering, Franky, why we should care what you think. You’re an obviously blatant Leftist of some sort. So obviously your opinion is worthless, because you have a political bias, in sor far as your retarded dribblings can be said to be “political.”

  • Faramin

    Once again Andrea had nothing smart to say. Keeping the tradition Andrea?

  • hen

    No i think Andrea is 100% correct. Franky is so painfully intellectually dishonest what IS the point of trying to understand his pathetic logical machinations.
    The Military is very much like America – it is not Republican, it is not Democratic, it is not White, Brown or Black. If it is one thing it is Green.
    However in Franky’s little world it must be Republican because there wd be no other reason for people such as Rumsfeld and Bush being held in such high estemm.
    Re: Blair, that was just one example and not meant to be representative of the media, however if you take a look at the “paper of record” and see the constant fallacies trotted out by Dowd, Klugman, Freidman, etc et al i wd say that my point is well made.

  • Franky

    hahahahaah Hen, I’m sorry, but that’s priceless….hahahahah I want to see that as the next recruiting commercial for the army hahahahaha but then I think even they may say: “wow, man this is too cheesy for us”.
    How am I being “intellectually dishonest?”
    you think that different sectors of society don’t vote in different ways, and that your political beleifs aren’t in some way shaped by your work? so a bunch of unionists will vote equally republican and democrat? that’s the problem with hen and Andrea – it’s obvious they have no thinking capabilities. I mean none. Everything is shriek from “how they feel” – well girls, let me tell you a secret: the world doesn’t care how you feel, or how angry you are. Grown-ups are interested in new theories, new ways of looking at things, and everytime I’ve ever seen any of your posts, I’m amazed by their lack of intellectual substance.
    I gave you evidence (admittedly anecdotal evidence) for my contention that the military votes in a republican way, but I’m willing to defer to Sean on this point. But it makes sense to me: one party has a tradition of cutting military spending, another of raising. Only if you’re sitting in between Hen and Andrea in the remedial class could you fail to see how that could impact the votes of the military.
    So if someone has a bias then you don’t listen to them Andrea? (jesus christ arguing with you two is like stealing candy from a baby) so I presume you don’t listen to anyone in the government, because you know they have a bias? And what about the bias of those overwieght women who release their tensions of being alone by hammering away at their keyboards? Do you listen to them Andrea, Hen?

  • hen

    (why do i bother?) – first off i am a guy. second, your proof (anecdotal of course) is not proof at all but your illogical beliefs. third, if you have ever been in the military (and you haven’t but i have been) you wd know that the idea of all being green is not something to giggle over – it is the very reason why the military is the finest working integrated organization in the world. fourth, people have many different reasons for voting one way or the other, using your example of one party (dems) vote against military spending while the other votes for it, is conjecture as to why you think the military votes republican. lastly, you are a snug, snarky dope. you offer nothing in the way of intellectual debate, you spew up assumptions and conjecture as fact, where logic fails, insults, in your tiny brain,work, hence you are a troll. piss off.

  • Franky

    Sorry for assuming you were a woman, but I guess more than your moniker, it was the effeminate way you write. Once again apologies for the confusion.

  • hen

    “effeminate way (i) write”
    oh brother.