Mother of invention

Mother of invention

: Bravo for the backless, strapless, gel-affixed “demikini.”

  • Random Numbers

    I wonder how many ladies wearing that thing are going to find themselves “accidentally” bumped into the pool?

  • Sam

    I recall reading about bikinis constructed out of materials that weren’t supposed to leave tan lines. Might have been ten years ago or so. Googling on “bikini no tan lines” finds a bunch of these.

  • mm

    Thank God for blogs. The citizen’s media! Immune to the triviality that plagues mainstream media!
    …..oh wait….a bikini/bra post….nevermind…..

  • Pele

    For once I am totally with Jeff.

  • Carl in N.H.

    Excellent ! Lots of potential for “wardrobe malfunction”.