If only it were just the economy, stupid

If only it were just the economy, stupid

: Iraqi blogger Omar has a wonderful essay today on the power of the economy in Iraq. The real measure of our success in rebuilding the country is being ignored: It’s the value of the dinar and the wages of the people.

He tells a story about his uncle and aunt, both teachers who could barely support their family under Saddam (they had to sell even their refrigerator) and now they are paid decent wages; they were paid less than $15 a month before and now they make almost $800.

My young cousin is a religious Sunni who goes to the mosque and listens to the cleric there every Friday and believes whatever he says, as he

  • I noticed last month that the CPA would be awarding a contract to an as yet unspecified company to provide economic reports and statistics about the economies of major Iraqi cities. (The links in the post above are now dead).
    Hopefully, these reports will be made available to the general public.

  • El Jefe

    I know it’s like flogging a dead horse, but why hasn’t the media been reporting stories like this?

  • Omar has a gift for sarcasm.