Wonkette joins the Washington Post

Wonkette joins the Washington Post
: Well, actually, they just had Ana Marie Cox in for a chat.

Washington, D.C.: What are your thoughts on the Columbia Journalism Review’s new project — The Campaign Desk?…

Ana Marie Cox: I think the CD staffers are great kids. . . though very, hmmm. . . Lisa Simpson in the loftiness of their standards and in the earnestness of their approach.

I once called the project “the Joe Lieberman of poliblogs,” which got the tone but missed the strangeness of it being a bunch of 20-somethings. So now I think they’re the “Jedediah Purdy of poliblogs.” …

New York, N.Y.: As a regular Wonkette reader, I sincerely hope those “Real Reporting” graphics that you’ve just added were just a one-day joke. If you continue to distinguish fact from fiction in your entries, you’re substantially limiting the chance that they’ll be picked up someday by a newspaper in China and reported as fact….

Ana Marie Cox: The “real reporting” tag started out as a joke, though I may yet make it a real “service to irony-impaired readers” . . . I just wish there were a way to make it invisible to those who don’t need it, like closed captioning or something.

[Note: Irony-challenged Steve Outing likes the Real Reporting tag.]