The empire grows

The empire grows
: Nick Denton’s empire grows today with Defamer, the Gawker/Wonkette for L.A.: “LA is the world’s cultural capital. Defamer is the gossip rag it deserves.” The design is beautiful. The target is right.

Nick says in his announcement:

You could argue that New York has no need for a gossip blog like Gawker.

There’s Page Six, and Rush & Molloy, and people in power are accustomed to a bit of mockery.

By contrast, in so far as a city ever needed a gossip rag, LA is crying out for a Defamer. For a city that’s in many ways the cultural capital of the world, it’s woefully under-gossiped.

Sure, the celebrity weeklies give the latest tittle-tattle on the reality TV romance of the week. But the real stars of Hollywood are the producers, and agents, and PR flacks, and studio execs, and screenwriters. They’re usually behind the scenes. No longer.

The designer is Patric King; the editorial director is Choire Sicha; the author is anonymous, just to freak out every studio exec in Hollywood.