Saudi feelings

Saudi feelings
: I pointed to what I thought was the first and only Saudi blogger, Religious Policeman, blogger Pernille Rudlin makes a very good point, finding others at Live Journal.

Most of them are teens and, well, they sound like teens — which is just what teens should sound like, except it doesn’t add a lot to the political discussion. Take, for example, this one:

Mutual understanding is a great thing. :)

I hope all humans could understand each other someday! …

I hate Bin Laden, and I hate Bush as much if not more. At least we Saudis (Who are blamed for Bin Laden) did not choose him as a president or whatever. He is disowned from his nationality. On the other hand, almost 50% (Well, I know it’s slightly less, but still!) chose Bush. You people should be ashamed.

I hope you do understand that supporting the American army in anyway is just like supporting terrorism, just at a larger scale. Just stop it, please stop it, and the world may forgive you for all that one day.

Or this one:

Another f****** bomb went off yesturday. Car bomb near a government building trashed the building and injured alot of people in a school near-by….

To top that off I’ve gotten detention for a week.

And starting saturday I’ll be offline studying for my S.a.ts. Until May first that is.

What a f***** world.

They lack, well, perspective.

: Meanwhile, Religous Policeman, which is filled with sophisticated posts, is signing off for fear that the religious policeman are approaching.

Folks, maybe it’s a result of that last terrorist attack, maybe it’s just me being paranoid, but i’m seeing a lot more “unusual activity” both out in the town and in the neighborhood. I’m going to lie low. The blog and my email contacts will hibernate for a while. Better safe than sorry.


He has a disturbing and eloquent post about Saudi women:

The story of women in Saudi Arabia is one of unending tragedy. They are our mothers, our wives, our daughters, yet on the whole we treat them like our cattle. It’s a story that needs to change.

And there is this on censorship, which would be funny if it weren’t real and tragic (and close to home with our own FCC acting similarly these days):

One of the few pleasures in life is to go to the larger bookstores here and buy a copy of an English-language newspaper. Usually it