Kerry’s quagmire: Nothing for something

Kerry’s quagmire: Nothing for something
: G. Pascal Zachary says in the SF Chron that Iraq could be Kerry’s quagmire instead of Bush’s:

The conventional wisdom would have you think Iraq is turning into George Bush’s quagmire, his Vietnam.

Well, as the war gets worse, Bush’s popularity remains steady and even nudges up a bit, and at least his bedrock supporters seem prepared to stick with him no matter what happens in Iraq….

The perils for Kerry were revealed last week when Ralph Nader, who may have cost Al Gore the 2000 presidential election, described Kerry as “stuck in the Iraq quagmire the way Bush is.” …

Nader now has a rationale for his campaign. While the antiwar wing is small, it is large enough, if it goes for Nader, to tip the vote Bush’s way in a few swing states. …

To avoid this, Kerry needs to quickly assemble a thoughtful, practical and compelling plan that reframes the debate over Iraq’s future.

I keep quoting Micah Sifry on this: You can’t beat something with nothing.