More Rumsfeld: Ran out of

More Rumsfeld
: Ran out of space in the ongoing live blogging… so a new post..

: “Terrorists are going to school on us just as we are going to school on the terrorists,” he says, answering a question about the quality of training. Times change, he says. He was Reagan’s Middle East adviser when our barracks were attacked by a car bomb. Up went barriers. So the terrorists started using RPGs.

: He says our tremendous success as a nation is based on trust but that is also what makes us terribly vulnerable. He says we want to win without “giving up the thing that makes our country so special: that is to say, trust.”

: He says he gets CDs of a woman with an operatic voice singing his press conferences.

: Arthur Sulzberger was standing up to ask a question but it ended first. Damn.