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ASNE links
: The good news about today’s session on blogs with editors was that there was a session on blogs with editors. The room was full; they’re curious; they know there’s something happening here that’s worth their attention. They’re still not sure how to relate to blogs and what it means to their business. But there’s something here.

I regret that I could not get bloggers — real bloggers, real people like you and you — invited to the session. It tried. I huffed and I puffed and I blew hot air and nothing happened.

I promised the editors in attendance that I would put up links that were mentioned by me or my fellow panelists. So, editors, click, on the “more” to get those links….

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    If it doesn’t facilitate the delivery of grocery and similar coupons, I doubt that newspaper editors in NJ at least would be at all interested.
    When they call you up on the phone and try to sell you a subscription to their newspaper, that’s the only selling point they mention these days: you’ll get coupons.
    They’re hoping you won’t think about all the time and trouble you’ll have to expend in recycling the deadtree vehicle they’re printing on.

  • Funny; in 2000, I gave a panel-talk to the ASNE convention about why they should start blogs (long before I had one of my own!), and after all the blank looks, the conversation turned to how one could figure out whether an online source was yanking your chain or not.

  • I continue to offer the same criticism. You talk about blogging as fostering this independence from the mass medai but almost all the bloggers you cite were professional journalists. You keep talking about the citizen’s media and yet it seems to me the blogs you trust are based on their mass media credentials!