Frequent fly

Frequent fly
: From AdAge (print edition only): Viagra is introducing a frequent customer program.

Buy a bunch of pills and get some more free.

As if guys who use the pill a lot actually need further motivation.

Maybe they should come up with a more creative giveaway:

For every pill you buy, get two free cigarettes.

  • don schmiekl

    Or maybe they should try to cure cancer or HIV or something….

  • bob

    Unless Viagra has led to researchers taking extra days off, I don’t think it has interfered with attempts to cure cancer or HIV.
    And look at what this article has to say:

      The anti-impotence drug Viagra could provide effective treatment for a life-threatening heart and lung condition.

    Or this article:

      The popular medication may even make patients more likely to take their heart failure drugs, says author Edimar Alcides Bocchi, M.D., associate professor and chief of the heart failure clinics at the Sao Paulo University Medical School in Brazil.

    Sounds good to me.

  • syn

    Men need viagra to have sex because they have become so fat and lazy from watching to much TV.

  • boggedexorcisedreplaced