: Rebecca McKinnon is starting the international session. She’s emphasizing the importance of the IRC with people on from around the world.

: Ethan Zuckerman, who has done amazing work bringing blogging and citizens’ media to Africa, says that mainstream media does a terrible job of covering developing nations (and thus, an alternate source of information is needed).

Ethan graphed what is being discussed in blogs in terms of nations and found that we discuss developing nations less than mainstream media.

So his interest is in how we change this.

Thus he wants people in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ethan says that Hoder has provided a map of how blogs can be built in a nation and what it requires.

Hoder just published his map on his blog.

: I’m falling down on blogging this because I’m following the IRC since Hoder and international bloggers are in there.

: In the IRC, Fons says that the Chinese government is reporting more now because there is this alternate channel of news.

Hoder says that blogs are creating bridges across different parts of society.

He also emphasizes that a country needs its own blogosphere in its own language.

: Many interesting points about the bridges that need to be built across technologies:

English-language citizens’ media tools need to be translated into other languages.

Blogging/internet needs to link to SMS (Dan Gillmor).

Radio needs to link to blogging/Internet (Ethan Zuckerman).

And radio and IM, which worked on the Dean radio show. (Jim Moore)